Lure Coursing for Fun?

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We recently saw a segment on lure cursing on Animal Planet and we think it would be perfect for our dog (a rhodesian ridgeback mix). She isn't purebred so the official clubs won't work. I've googled some for a more casual club that does trials or events, but I've only seen results in Wisconsin or California.

Does anyone know of any events in the New England area? Or specifically Massachusetts?

Has anyone built a course in their yard, or used a portable course in a park?

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Lure coursing is a blast, Willow loves it! I see Ridge backs there all the time, hopefully there is a coursing club around you. Good luck.

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I've seen some videos of lure coursing and it really looks like a lot of fun. I was thinking of building my own course at home but I actually haven't gotten to it as of yet. My husband is asking for ideas and scouring the internet on how to build one at home. big grin


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IT IS A BLAST. Lure coursing is Risa's favorite thing. We typically course for fun several times a month during the spring, summer, and fall. There is a woman near us who has the equipment and travels to different locations to let the dogs run. It's not breed-specific either. Just a good time for a lot of dogs!

You can course in your backyard with a small machine. I think they cost about $100 or so. Unless you have a tiny dog or one who's not all that into it, it'd be a waste of money. They're not very sturdy for that price. I would be lucky to get one run out of it with Risa!

The person I course through does travel. If you're willing to pay her expenses and have a suitable wide-open, flat area to course on available; I bet she'd travel to Mass!
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I would suggest looking for any local clubs, and asking if they allow mixed breeds. A lot of clubs have "fun runs" where any dog can come out, and some clubs even though they are a purebred club or attached to AKC may allow any dog to come to their events, just not earn titles.

You can also check here:

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We own Swift Paws central Florida- a mobile lure course for fun! check out our website to see where our events are! we are also on meetup under lure coursing fanatics! come run for fun with us!! www.cf.swiftpaws.com