Weekend Results

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Ch. Opal - BN, RE, CGC

this is the good- life
Barked: Mon Nov 12, '12 8:10am PST 
SO happy with Opal she turned seven this weekend and is still showing. I entered her 2 days this weekend our first day she took an 86 in excellence and then on sunday got a 93 in excellence

we tried obedience but NQ one was my fault double commanding on the stand for exam then she followed that up with stay 5ft behind me for the entire heel off leash pattern this may be partially my fault as they were running an hour late for obedience which cause me to be running between obedience and breed so I wasnt focused fully on us.

I also did conformation for the first time with her niece the plan was for me to get her last point on her well she had different plans the first day we not only got the chapion title cookie also took a major win a best of breed a group win and shocked me with getting her first ever best in show.
Maci & Harley & Jigar

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Barked: Tue Nov 13, '12 12:03pm PST 
Congrats!! That sounds like a super wonderful weekend!


I am the Sock- Bandit!!!
Barked: Wed Nov 14, '12 8:13am PST 
Wow, Opal, sounds like you really rocked it! I would also love to see some pics. Congrats!cheercheercheer