First AKC Agility Trial

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Barked: Thu Sep 20, '12 5:55pm PST 
So, a friend and I are entering our first AKC agility trial in October! big grin Looking forward to it so much. My a and I will be in JWW and Standard two days, and T2B the first day.

So... is there anything I need to know that I might not? We've done agility trials before for 4-H, and Mya's done really well.
Other than your own random advice...
What about measuring?
Crating? We don't have a vehicle to stick crates in... or a tent... and it's an outside trial. I've volunteered at this trial for years, so I know a little bit of how it works, but I was always working, not running!

Also - both of our dogs are the only ones in their jump height in Novice A. Will they combine groups? In 4-H, they are combined if there aren't a lot of entries. Or is it where we take first if we qualify?

I think that's it for now - but if anyone has any advice/tips at all, we'd love to hear them!
Thanks in advance!

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Barked: Fri Sep 21, '12 5:09pm PST 
They won't combine classes - if you Q, you'll bring home a pretty blue ribbon big grin

You absolutely have to be measured before your first run of the weekend. At AKC trials you generally don't have to be there first thing in the morning if you're not running until later in the day. You can let the judge know between classes that Mya needs to be measured.

Agility people are pretty friendly. I bet someone will be nice enough to let you squeeze your crates under their tent.

Have fun at at the trial. Report back to let us know how it went!