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I would very- much like the- ball.
Barked: Sun Apr 22, '12 11:36am PST 
Do any of you train your dogs to Retrieve dummys/live birds? if so, what kind of dog do you have, what did you do to get started, and what are your Favorite training tools? ( Ex: orange plastic dummy, whistle, clicker, ect)

i am looking to teach my dog to Retrieve to give him something to do. most likely with dummys, as i dont really hunt. I adopted him last month and hes a year old. he likes to retrieve allready and trys to please me, so i think he would enjoy this.

My other question, how did you encourage your dog to take to water? He is a flat coat retriever, but i dont think hes ever seen a body of water in his life. he was scared of the pond but also very interested. i threw a ball in the water and he acted real confused, so i dont think his old owners did that with him. Im thinking that i want to take he and my moms dog (who i taught to swim) to the pond and let him show my dog what you do with the pond. Then try to ask him in while me and the other dog are in. ive read someplace that you should never take a new dog into cold water so i will wait for a warmer day and make sure the water isnt too cold for em

any advice would be helpfull. I allready have a dummy, check line and a whistle.