how do you get started in agility?

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We have a wonderful dog park that has some agility stuff for use. I wanted to get into it with my dog. i hes not AKC so is there agility for un paperd dogs? How do it get started?

I would rather do it myself or work with someone who can show me how, rather than send my dog to a trainer. i cant really afford the prices they ask. any advice?
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You don't have to "send him" to a trainer but you can, and should, enroll in a training class with your pup. Agility is more than just having your dog do the obstacles--that's the easy part.

AKC started allowing "all american" (mutts) to compete but they do have to be registered and not all competitions are required to allow them so check before hand. There are also quite a few other agility organizations--CPE, USDAA that always allow any breed/mix.

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Do a googl search for agility clubs in your area and ask them about classes or trainers near you. There is CPE, NADAC, ASCA and USDAA that allow mixed breeds to compete. AKC does now as well.


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Just reiterating what Shane said - getting your dog to go over/through obstacles is the easy part. It's the attention, self control and handling that makes the sport as special as it is. If you ever want to take it seriously, I would highly recommend you attend a class or two with your dog designed for beginners.

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I found this link called "Thinking about doing Agility?" I thought it might help you.

http://www.agilitynet.co.uk/training/startingout_maryannnester.h tml