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First trial! Very nervous

Running, catching, leaping; this is the forum to discuss dog sports and agility training with other active pups!

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Jewel, PCD

8.6lbs of fury- in a bow!
Barked: Fri Feb 24, '12 8:41pm PST 
Toto - thank dog it's not just me!! My mom was pretty much just going down the list asking me if they were mixes and I finally had to tell her the only mix at the show was Jewel and that technically the CKC was calling her a poodle!

Lenny -The- Wrecking Ball
Barked: Sun Feb 26, '12 10:36am PST 
laugh out loud Jewel!

Thanks everyone for the support!

I'm hoping I won't be too nervous for the mock trial, and after the mock trial I hope I feel more confident/prepared for the real thing. But it's good to know it isn't just me.
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