Does anyone else herd with their dogs?

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Just curious!

I do herding with my cardigan welsh corgi, and she really enjoyes it. The first few times, she showed little or no instinct, but then one day something clicked in her head and she started circling the sheep counter clockwise.

Now, she's a sheep maniac, and shows an incredible amount of drive. She's learning how to circle clockwise, too! She nips at their tails and heels and keeps them moving, that's for sure! She's able to turn the herd directions, move them out of a corner, and move them back into the corner.

Unlike most corgis, she doesn't drive from the rear and we haven't seen any heading behavior out of her. That doesn't mean it won't express itself, but it just hasn't yet.

We're working on our HT, but it's very possible that she's "good enough" to champion in herding. So far, we've only worked on sheep. The instructor doesn't have cattle, and she'd probably eat ducks and geese.

So, does anyone else herd? What kind of herding instinct does your dog have? What kind of stock has your dog been on? Do you have any titles?

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Yup. Onyx had his evaluation at just under 5 months and he showed a lot of instinct from the start. Initially he tried to play with the goats but after a couple minutes instinct kicked in. There's a video from his evaluation on his page.

We've only had about six lessons but now we're starting to go weekly. This week his instructor said his drive has increased a lot since our previous lesson in December so hopefully he'll be up for trials eventually.
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I really want to, but right now it's too far for us to drive to herding training. Bianca did the Herding Instinct Test and she did REALLY well. The instructor said she'd love to see us in classes.