Agility/herding trainers in Tucson, Az?

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plush destroyer
Barked: Tue Feb 7, '12 7:09pm PST 
Wondering if anyone knows any good herding/agility trainers in Tucson, Arizona? Herding is for Kaiser. smile

Spooky Mulder
Barked: Tue Feb 7, '12 8:22pm PST 
Sorry no help Pookie, but PLEASE post more pictures of Kaiser... or at least give me some kind of update laugh out loud

You're killing me here laugh out loud

Barked: Thu Feb 9, '12 6:46pm PST 
An update? Oh man, it's been one LONG road Mulder, one long road. I would love an update on your new little man though. wink Are you tearing your hair out yet? Haha! I'm thinking of getting another male next year... I'll pm you.