Choosing the right dog Frisbee?

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Barked: Wed Jan 5, '11 5:16am PST 
Searching the net for information about choosing the right Frisbee for my new puppy. I ran across this site the other day. cattledogfrisbee.com It pointed me in the right direction and I was even able to buy one from the site. I am a big fan of the Nylabone brand. Does anyone have any recommendations?
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If you are looking to do any type of competition, that website doesn't help much. Nylabone and kong discs are both incredibly heavy and are not terribly people friendly. You have to be quite strong and a pretty good thrower to throw them safely and neither are allowed in competition. If you aren't worried about competition and want a plastic disc, I would still suggest the Hyperflite JAWZ... it holds up well, is made of a safe polymer, but it flies really nicely and you dont have to be hercules to throw it well. If you aren't worried about throwing plastic, I would actually suggest either the light cloth "Floppy Fliers" or the tuffies brand frisbee both are super easy to make good throws with and are easy to use. The tuffies brand fly surprisingly well, have squeakers, are durable and are inviting for the dogs to chomp/tug on.

If you are moving toward competition, there are a wide variety of discs i would consider safe and appropriate. Choosing that disc is up to you--each different "brand" has different types of discs. The difference between brands is the shape of the mold--the main discs are Hyperflite, Hero Disc USA, and Whamo. They are each slightly different... i'd suggest getting one of each and tossing them each and finding which one you throw better, feel more comfortable using (I'm a hero disc usa girl--i find they fly the best for me and i like the types of discs they have available).

To choose a specific discs, you need to decide, if you are looking for an ULTRA strong disc (that are more expensive), a moderately strong disc (moderately expensive), a normal disc (least expensive), or a soft/bendable disc (these are moderately expensive normally). Most people I know will buy a bunch of the normal discs and then a smaller amount of either the super strong or moderately strong discs.

Hyperfilte main page--go under products/discs to see their discs.

JAWZ--super strong, slightly heavier disc. I found them to be too heavy for me to throw well.. they'd go 35 yds then drop like bricks. COMPETITION APPROVED

Softbite--a soft polymer that is great for puppies or dogs with soft mouths. COMPETITION APPROVED

Competition Standard--the normal "strength" basic frisbee. Light, steady flight, a safe polymer.

Hero Disc USA
Hero Disc USA --main products page, you can see all the dog discs they make.

SUPER HERO--comparable to the JAWZ disc. Very durable disc, it's pretty heavy, has a really nice stable flight but it drops like a brick for me (i'm not the best thrower).

HERO XTRA--This disc is mid-range in terms of strength. It's significantly less durable than the super hero but way more durable than the AIR 235s. It's also significantly lighter than the super hero. This is my choice for a more durable disc because it flies better for me than the super hero.. I get nice distance, nice control, good speed, and it doesn't drop like a brick.

AIR 235s--this is your typical frisbee. It's light, flies awesome, and has a great grip. I prefer this mold shape over the hyperflite version...but it really is a personal choice. I can normally get in one distance session with both dogs on a set of air 235s... then they become a little too mangled to fly super well... BUT i take them in file any rough edges and repair the disc a little and i use them for quite a while doing close-in freestyle work.

My last order i got about 100 air 235s and 15 xtras to give an idea of quantities.

Whamo is another brand... it makes a normal disc, "Fastback" and a Eurablend disc which is a more flexible disc...I dont know too many people who run these anymore... the mold is almost identical to the hyperflites

So there ya' go... if you are really interested in choosing a frisbee for training a disc dog, those are my suggestions and brief annotations. If you just want a disc to play in teh backyard, the kong or nylabone are fine choices. For a PUPPY, you can start with a cloth floppy flyer or the tuffy disc to start and transfer your bite work to a hard disc as they get a little older and lose the puppy teeth (i still use the tuffy flyer for bite work with my adult pups)

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Barked: Sun Jan 9, '11 9:30am PST 
Thanks for the information. Where can i find a list of competition approved dog frisbees?

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Barked: Sun Jan 9, '11 10:33am PST 
Different organizations have different approved discs... so know the venue of the competition (UFO, USDDN, SKYHOUNDZ, etc).

You can always contact the competition host to find out... here are a list of ones i know of...

Hero Disc Air 235's
Hero Disc Xtras 235s
Hero Disc Xtra Sonics 215's
Hero Disc Super Hero (I think all versions-- super swirl, super star)
Hero Disc Pup Disc (for micro dog division)

Hyperflite Competition Standard (shocking right? lol)
Hyperflite Jawz disc (and the small Jawz for the microdog division)
Hyperflite Jawz X-Comp
Hyperflite Frostbite
Hyperflite SofFlite

Whamo Fastback
Whamo Eurablend

Those are what I know off the top of my head... but you can definitely find acceptable discs for competition listed on the various sites.

I will say that most "novice" division competitions allow any dogs safe frisbees.
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I love Nylabones floatable Frisbee wouldn't have been able to do it with any other floating frisbee and I sure have experimented with most of the floating frisbees on the market, if you want a good frisbee for water play go Nylabone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aQiBscPsvw

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Hyperflite.com is the best site I've found. The Jawz is pretty indestructible, and very throwable with a little practice. They also have a softer one, but I found that didn't hold up to my dog as well. They don't float, unfortunately, but that's the only complaint I have.