Dock Dogs Des Moines Iowa

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Barked: Sun Nov 12, '06 11:00am PST 
Hi - I just wanted to let all pups in the Des Moines area know that there's a lady that's trying to get a Dock Dogs group started in the Des Moines area. The first meeting is this Thursday and if anypup wants info on where and when p-mail me and i'll be happy to give you the details !!
I would love it if lots of Dogster dogs would be there !! It would be fun to meet you !!!

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Barked: Mon May 14, '12 10:41am PST 
I would love to get Buddy into Dock Jumping. How and who do we go through to do this? We live in West Des Moines. He loves swimming at the dog park at Raccoon River and loves to run; think it would be a great combo to get him involved in. Please let me know. Thank you!