How much excercise is too much for a puppy?

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Hi Everyone,

My wife and I are new to the forum and to Wheatens. We met a couple of Wheatens and we were hooked. We have a male 15 weeks named Dexter. We also have a 9 week old female Deja. Wonderful dogs. We were wondering how much excercise is too much. We walk around the block 20 min approx 2 times a day. Dex loves it. Deja usually gets carried when she gets tired. They also play pretty hard in the back yard.Is any of this too much for them. Depending v on who you ask the opinion varies. I'd love to hear what other owners think.

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My Wheaten is 8 months old and he is walked three times a day 2 30min walks and 1 5-10 min walk. Plus in evening when everyones home we will play fetch after dinner. He never seems to get enough, always raring to go for W-A-L-K lol. As long as I have had him he's never flopped down and just passed out. He's very active even with it getting cold he still wants to be outside!!!

Wheaten, or my wheaten LOVES exercise never gets enough!!

Hope that helps. smile