spells where he gobbles everything

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I read a really old thread in someone was describing how their Wheaton would get into a spell in which they would gobble leaves, then hack, choke and vomit them up. My dog has been doing this for years and it drives me insane. We call it "hoovering" because he just runs along the floor or ground and gobbles EVERYTHING in his path. leaves, sticks, dirt, rugs, dog hair..then he either vomits it up, eats the vomit and keeps going, or manages to digest it all, but then I am pulling long, leaf & hair filled poops out of his behind, which he does not take kindly to. It is more than a nusance. If he has a spell when no one is home, he could eat somthing that could cause a blockage or perferate his bowels. Today, he chewed the velcro ties off of the computer power cords. he could have bitten through the live wires. He has been doing this since late afternoon and it is now 12:45am and he is still "hoovering" This is the longest episode so far.
I deal with it by putting him in a completely empty crate, and then give him bread and crumbled saltines. My thought is he is nauseous and it will 1) settle his stomach and 2) fullfil his insatiable urge to gobble. Then we wait it out. He has thick slobber and seems to chatter his teeth too. He also barks & whines when he is locked up, so I now have a migraine from the stress. Its not his fault, but I get so angry at him.
My vet is perplexed.