Idiosyncracies of Sweet Pea

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Sweet Pea

Barked: Tue Aug 2, '11 6:47pm PST 
Hi everyone, My Sweet Pea is 8 months old and simply adorable. She has a few behavior qualities that I am curious about; i.e, are most Wheatons like this. First, she rarely barks. The first time she barked was at our shadow while taking her outside to go potty. That was during the first week we had her (we got her in March at 4 months). Since then, she has only barked at a couple of phone books and a grocery bag that was being blown down the street during a storm. Second, she has a small appetite. I feed her 1 cup of kibble twice a day, but she rarely finishes either meal. Third, she is frightened by most loud noises and large objects. Are these behaviors typical of Wheatens, or just my precious girl's personality?

Barked: Tue Aug 9, '11 12:18pm PST 
All of these things sound familiar. Most Wheatens bark sparingly, though ours has gotten a little more vocal in the last year or so. Lilly is also deathly afraid of the vacuum cleaner or other loud noises. My wife and I like to watch movies downstairs after the kids go to bed, and we have surround sound...she doesn't like that so much, and rarely hangs out with us downstairs anymore.

I feed Lilly twice a day (morning and night) and she usually always eats at least once, but rarely does she eat both times. Rarely does she not eat at least once. She seems to prefer to eat around 5 PM, and then if she eats again, she'll eat around 9-10. I keep her food out all day, so she can eat as she pleases....
Patches- O'Houlihan

Barked: Sun Aug 14, '11 2:51pm PST 
I have a 6 month old Wheaten named Patches O'Houlihan, and she rarely makes a noise except to her reflections...apparently even she believes that she looks like a shady character!! I cannot relate to the light eater though...she started off as a very picky eater, but now she practically inhales her food (a cup and a half twice a day!).

One behavior that is extremely frustrating is her excitement around strangers especially of the canine kind. She is EXTREMELY friendly, but her pawsie greetings to the two-legged and four-legged kinds are not always well received and we cannnot seem to break her of this habit. I was wondering if any experienced owners had similar issues and, if so, how you went about solving this frustrating problem. I want to be able to have everyone love my puppy, but she this behavior does not leave a very good first impression.

Sweet Pea

Barked: Tue Aug 16, '11 2:24pm PST 
Thanks for the responses. I have a friend who has a Wheaten that barks quite a bit, and scarfs down all of her food. If she isn't watched carefully, she will also eat the other dog's food (not a Wheaten). Since this friend's dog is the only other Wheaten I have met, I wasn't sure about her behavior.

Sweet Pea also is "pawsy." For humans, she is required to sit before the person who wants to meet her approaches. If she gets up, I pull her back into a sitting position. As with other dogs, well, that's almost impossible to keep her from pawing them. Most of the other dogsw tolerate it well, so it usually isn't a problem. When she gets too crazy, I pick her up and hold her until she calms down a bit. Hope that helps.
~Emma~ RL1

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Barked: Mon Aug 22, '11 10:25pm PST 
Enjoy the quiet!! laugh out loud

My guys bark. Tucker, my current foster, does bark sparingly, but yowser! can he ever bark.

My other fosters have also been barkers.

Have you thought about getting into classes? A good positive trainer can help you get a handle on jumping and appropriate socialization.

ETA: oops, didn't answer the rest of your OP.

Emma and foster Tucker are both raw fed. Once in the evening. They love it. Nothing left.

Emma used to have a really bad time with thunder, fire works, and any loud noise. She is doing a lot better recently. I've done a few things to help with that.

Tucker is rock solid. No loud noise really bothers him. I've never even seen him get skittish after a boom.

Past fosters have been hit or miss. Really, I think it came down to individual dogs and what they had to deal with in their previous homes.

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Barked: Fri Nov 4, '11 9:35am PST 
Annie almost never barks. She doesn't make much noise vocally at all. As for the food 1.5 to 2 cups of food sounds like plenty depending on its quality. Thats what I feed Annie, however she is a very veracious eater and will finish it all. In fact one time I forgot to close the pantry door and the food tub wasn't closed all the way. I woke up to the noise of the food tub sliding on the floor as she was dragging and pushing trying to get the rest of the food out of it. Luckily it was almost empty. And the noise thing Annie definately doesn't like the vac or any loud banging or loud noises.