HELP! Picky Eater Shih Tzu!

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Akita Pals- Always.
Barked: Tue May 28, '13 6:27am PST 
Thank-you Gunther and others for making the point about NO OTHER FOOD.

For those of you who posted about adding toppers or other things to make the food more appealing,with a dog that is refusing to eat anything healthy,especially with a small breed that needs very little food,adding toppers and other things to the kibble simply gives the dog a way to hold out longer. As harsh as it may seem fedding them their kibble only and getting them to eat it plain as quickly as possible before giving anything else is really the best thing to do. Once the dog is eating it's own food without an issue adding a topper or other things is fine.

To Yuki's person/people, I hope things have gotten better and this advice has been helpful. We know it can be difficult but it is absolutely for the best.hugwishes
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