Problem at the dog park

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Barked: Wed Oct 17, '12 5:30pm PST 
I have a seven month old Black Mouth Cur. There is a Rat Terrier whose owner brings into the section for big dogs, even though there is a separate space for small dogs. This dog weighs about five pounds.

Last week my dog went up to this dog with a high pitched bark. Since they were close, my husband grabbed our dog by the collar and got him away. Eventually, they left each other alone, without further problems.

I took my dog to the park and this dog returned. My dog was about six feet away from the dog, but agains started barking at the small dog. I was close enough to grab him if need be. I hesitated because the small dog was charging at my dog, growling and biting at him. My dog did not exhibit any agression towards him. I was afraid to get into the mix because I was afraid my dog would get protective of me and might then go after the small dog. Finally the woman picked up her dog and put him in the other area for small dogs. She was POed at me. How would you have handled the situation? I am in the process of hiring a trainer to work with us in the meanwhile.

Was I wrong in my evaluation of the situation ? I'm afraid to take him to the park. He hasn't had any problems with other dogs, but he is still a puppy.

Thanks for any input!