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Time for the- Full Monty
Barked: Wed Mar 27, '13 8:48pm PST 
Well I have mixed feelings about dog parks. Had alot of good times there with my pups but also watched my cousin's 110 lb baby get killed by 3 dogs from an irresponsible owner.

For me it depends on who is there.

tiny...but fast!
Barked: Wed Mar 27, '13 9:08pm PST 
I only go to dog parks with separate big and small dog parks. And the park must have one of those holding pens where when u come in you are in a little fenced in area that way no one can let ur dog out.
Cosmos and- Bailey

Biker Dog!
Barked: Mon Apr 15, '13 8:20pm PST 
My dogs go to the park all the time! They love it and we feel really safe. We do have a small side but we normally go on the big side, the dogs there are more fun to play with. Cosmos will jump up and growl in the big dog faces and they back down, it's fun to watch my little 6 pound dog make a pit bull back down! He has rarely had a dog not back down, and when they don't, I pick him up and take him to the other side.

He is at a healthy weight now that we're going, before he was too heavy, he is super social and good with other dogs. One thing I have noticed is that when people walk in with the dog still on a leash, problems are way more likely to happen. Dogs on leashes feel trapped so they start to protect themselves, take him off a leash and you'll see a huge difference! And don't be scared, but try to take him at a time when there won't be as many people, like during the week before 5 pm, and follow him closely as he greats the other dogs. If there's an issue, pick him up and leave.

I am sorry to the other person who has had problems with irresponsible dog owners at the park. The owners I have met are considerably more responsible at the park generally speaking then dog owners I have met anywhere else. When i go, there are guys playing fetch, running with there dogs, talking about there dogs (a live message board!) and keeping an eye on everything. There's always one person reading or on their cell phone, but that person is normally one who has been to the park so many times that they don't feel the need to do anything but sun bath while there nonthreatening dog plays.

Give it a shot! You will meet great people and your dog will make lots of friends! You may have to encourage her to play if she's not use to it- just refuse to give her attention unless there's a problem, don't pet her while telling her to play, for example, but do help her out if there's a bad situation.


Mischief is my- middle name
Barked: Tue Apr 16, '13 1:41pm PST 
Despite one scary fight, I still take my dogs to the dog park. I really do prefer that people keep their small dogs on the small dog side, but mine are okay with them, I just worry about another big dog that isn't.

I can walk my dogs all day, and it does nothing to release their energy like a good run and chase session at the dog park does. Huskies gotta run. 2-3 visits a week about does it.

But the hours I go, there are rarely more than a handful of other people there, and sometimes we have the place to ourselves. I feel differently about trying to go on the weekend.

Member Since
Barked: Mon Apr 22, '13 8:48am PST 
In my own opinion, I think that going to dog parks after my dogs have completed their shots is safe. I mean, I don't want them getting some odd virus outside. Sure, they can get ticks but ticks could also be present indoors if one of them already has it. Besides, I believe in dogs getting some fresh air.

Since your dog seems to be a little too playful, it would benefit you both if you kept him on the leash. Don't walk him too loosely on the leash as well. Try getting him to play with your friends' dogs, specifically those that he has already played with. dog walk
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