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Snow- Queen
Barked: Sat Aug 13, '11 9:06pm PST 
Just ignore people. I got comments about that too with Skyline. Granted I did just get her recently clipped, but it had nothing to do with heat or not wanting to groom her (I brush her everyday), but she has fine hair and was prone to pin mats. Wasn't fun for either of us lol

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I am lion hear- me roar.
Barked: Fri Nov 18, '11 9:49pm PST 
I don't shave my pomchi although I think he would feel better because I think it would ruin his coat. I did shave my moms chipoo and her coat never came back in the same. Some may say it is nicer but my mom is upset because she said I ruined her uglyness. None the less the coat is very different.

I'm just a- little Bug!
Barked: Wed Nov 23, '11 4:59pm PST 
I would just tell them to mind their own damn business. LOL.

I have no plans to shave either of my poms. When it is hot they can go out, piddle, and run around when they want, but it isn't like I'm going to force them to stay out there and roast, yanno? And I'm sure you wont either.


Barked: Fri Feb 24, '12 9:52am PST 

I have not and will not unless medically necessary shave my baby girl Esme. She is nearly two years old and not one hair on her furry little body has been cut. I refuse to get her butt shaved nor anything else for that matter. I have not run into rude comments or anything, however groomers asked if I wanted to get a haircut done and I explain to them my reason why. She has a beautiful coat with beautiful color. Along her back is a black stripe which just adds to her beauty. I ended up shaving her mom when she started losing all her hair post-partum but mostly because my mother told me to in order to assist with the hair to grow in evenly. The negative thing I saw from that because I prefer my dog with the straight hair is the mom's hair came back kinda frizzy and poofy and not the same with how it once was. But to each their own. The most I've ever really been cut on non show poms is their butt for issues with poop getting stuck in their hair. Good luck!
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