I has job now :)

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My head is- broken, not my- heart!!
Barked: Wed Mar 23, '11 9:59am PST 
So my partner works at a boarding/grooming facility, and Oliver goes with her to work. Well, lately, Sassy has been going too. We thought it would be a good idea to help her get over her social anxieties and learn to start getting along with other people/dogs outside of our family.

WELL, my normally super shy little dog is now an office princess who greets every customer and doesn't mind being around other dogs!! THIS IS REALLY REALLY HUGE FOR LITTLE SASSY! I now believe we can get her over her head trauma (at least 90% of it), because she comes home glowing and is constantly getting better and better at life! She was left behind on accident one day and all she did was lay on the window sill and mope the whooooole day.

Giving her a purpose may have been the key in all this. I'm so happy!!

What about your little dog? What's their purpose? Share share share big grin

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Barked: Wed Mar 23, '11 11:09am PST 
That's great! I love coming to these forums and hearing happy tailsway to go
Lily was very shy and insecure coming home with us. Every day she made progess and has indeed found her purpose! It is to love, love love! She LOVES to snuggle and other than when she's eating or out for walk she is in my arms being a snuggle baby. She will actually head butt you the way a cat does when they snuggle. It's so cute. Since I'm home with her 22 out of the 24 hours in a day, I'm able to give her lot's of one on one attention. I'm so grateful we found each other. She's my little soul mate in doggy form.

My head is- broken, not my- heart!!
Barked: Thu Mar 24, '11 8:09am PST 
Awwwwe Lily that's great! hug


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Barked: Thu Mar 24, '11 5:57pm PST 
Beulah's "job" is raising awareness for shelter dogs (particularly senior dogs.) I adopted her from the shelter at age 10 and now when our shelter has events, I take Beulah to meet and greet. She loves the attention she gets, wears cute little dresses, and everyone always goes on about how much they'd love to get a dog like her!