Good, low-cost flea med brands?

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Kitsune- Trouble

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Barked: Wed Mar 16, '11 3:52pm PST 
I haven't used flea preventative for awhile but when I did use it on Kit - my vet did the same thing someone else here mentioned. She sold me flea meds meant for big dogs and then syringes and a little vial and gave me the dosage based on Kit's weight. I was able to open up the med, squeeze the contents into the vial, and then dose the correct amount with the syringes and store the rest. I don't remember exactly since this was about a year ago, but I was able to break up one dose of big dog meds and get a few months worth of dosages for my little dog.

Revolution is a liquid topical that protects against both heart worms, fleas, and I believe also internal parasites as well as things like ear mites and mange. I never used it on Kit but I had to use it on my rabbits when they got ear mites. Since it's also a heart worm preventative you can only get it from a vet, but because it covers both fleas and heart worms it might save you a little extra money?

I personally wouldn't ever use any of the cheaper flea meds like the ones sold over the counter in a lot of stores. I don't remember the exact brands but I've heard a lot of horror stories. I'd go the safest rout and use a vet recommended product especially if your dog has flea allergies.

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Barked: Wed Mar 16, '11 4:58pm PST 
Hartz/Sergeant is the problem one as far as I know. I don't like any of the monthly application ones and prefer a spray that I can see has in fact covered the entire dog (use hands or a cloth to do the head so it won't get in the dog's eyes). I choose water based because my dogs do come in the house and I hate the oily residue of the non water based sprays. It makes me not want to pet the dog or allow them on anything.

Mommy's little- princess
Barked: Thu Mar 17, '11 5:40am PST 
Hartz is bad. I bought it once and Stella my cat began to act weird rolling around and rubbing and screaming I right away took her in the tub and rinsed the stuff off right away. After I did that she was better the other cats had irritated skin like it burned them almost even after I washed it off. Zodiac is a safe one I use in winter to save money only on the cats as they dont go outside. If you have a flea problem though it will not work. I have to use topical stuff I work at a vet clinic and most times I am the problem. I bring home the fleas. I am careful but I have seen one jump on me before when I got home it was on me then on the counter. Anyways advantage or revolution imo works the best.


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Barked: Thu Apr 7, '11 3:18pm PST 
I would never use flea preventative from a store like walmart. The problem with biospot and others is that they work in the bloodstream so the flea actually has to bite in order to get any of the killing agents. I also do not like buying meds off the internet like 1800petmeds because they can sell fakes and are not subjuct to the FDA rules. I use Frontline Plus for my dogs, but I use it every 2months in the summer and every 3 months in the winter. My pets have NEVER had fleas. Like others have said all my dogs share Frontline, so a 6 month supply of the 89-132lbs covers my 4 dogs for 6 months or longer depending on the time of year. My dogs are 150lbs, 40lbs, 27lbs, and 5lbs, so my biggest dog requires 2 sizes on her own smile I save a ton of money this way, so if money is an issue this could work for you. My Saint has flea allergies so she has to be protected year round...vet visits and treating after the fact is so much more expensive and she would be so miserable. I know this sounds stupid because I said they have never had fleas but she was a rescue from a hoarding situation and when she came to rescue she was infested with fleas and had flea bite dermititis.
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