Face-slapping larger dogs as a greeting. o_o

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Barked: Thu Mar 3, '11 10:58pm PST 
Roscoe is a smallish dog, now 11 months old and weighing around 20 pounds. She's well socialized normally, and we take her out to the park and the beach often. But THIS problem ALSO happens often. When she greets SOME large dogs (only "special" random ones, not all... not sure how her mind works), she would suddenly get extremely excited! (Which is fine) And would then proceed to stand on her hind legs and hug their face with her front paws. Then proceed to slap them across the face repeatedly. And she stands for a long time! As long as the other dog doesn't back away in annoyance immediately, she would keep slapping away forever and ever. shock laugh out loud

Most large dogs get annoyed and back away (obviously)... it gets embarassing, because the other owner and dog would leave (of course).

Does anyone else have this issue with small dogs? confused

It's weird, and not sure how to fix it. Wondering how I would fix this.
I've tried saying a firm "No, bad" and drag her away from the other dog... but she's in a totally excited mode, and is oblivious to everything else. Even if I keep the leash super short and don't move (after telling her to sit), she keeps tugging on the leash to get to the other dog (a few feet away). It seems nothing can qualm her hyper-ness. confused

(Also posted this in the behavior/training forum... but trying to get some more solutions frown )

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Barked: Fri Mar 4, '11 1:40pm PST 
Oh my gosh Nicky would love Roscoe as a playmate! laugh out loud When I took him to a friends house he started playing 'slappy face' with her German Shepherd and it was so hilarious! The GSD would sock him in the face, but he was too short to reach hers! big laugh He also likes to "gnaw" on dog's back legs. He doesn't bite down hard, just enough to gently touch skin. I really don't have any advice but I also have a dog with an obnoxious play style so I feel your pain!