Submissive behavior at dog park

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Mia-real world- powderpuff; home- dynamo
Barked: Wed Feb 2, '11 12:56pm PST 
Mia, now an 11 month old toy poodle, goes to a small dog park on weekends. She loves to run and play with the other dogs. One dog, an 8 month old Schipperke male loves to play with her, but his play is getting rougher. He likes to grab her ears or tail tuft and pull on them. Mia puts up with it and if the play is broken up by owners, Mia will go back and try to get him to play with her again. And of course, he goes for her ears again. Mia hasn't acted like she's been hurt by the ear pulling, but it sure looks uncomfortable. Is this a dominance issue? Or??????
Mackenzie- CGC TDI DSA

Why sit when you- can lie down?
Barked: Wed Feb 2, '11 1:03pm PST 
It's how dogs play. Some just play rougher than others. And if she is going back for more, she is enjoying it. I wouldn't worry about it.