How do you tell if a Chihuahua is right for you?

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The Baby Geams
Barked: Tue Jan 25, '11 12:39pm PST 
Like most people have said, if you've read up on their quirks and traits, then you know what to expect!

My chihuahua is an deerhead, 3.5lb girl. She readily adapts to any situation. If we are out walking, she will gladly walk with us. If she is in her dog carrier, she will gladly sit in there with her little head peeking out the top. She does have her quirks though. We've found that she is very affectionate to us (me and my boyfriend), but almost aggressive with strangers. You must know that that is a trait, and it cannot be worked out of some chihuahuas! It is how a lot of chihuahuas behave, save for the rare few who will walk up to and lick anyone. By the books, they aren't really known for being social--they are known as 'nippers' and 'barkers.' If you socialize your dog properly (i.e. taking her to the dog park and holding her while other dogs come up and meet her, walking her in public places, etc.) then they should grow out of the stranger-danger stage. My chihuahua, unfortunately, never did. We take her everywhere and let everyone meet her, but she is still not very nice to other people--and she has occasionally nipped at a few unfamiliar fingers. Once she is comfortable with people, however, she acts very sweet. But the whole situation is still something that is occassionally difficult to deal with.

Also, most chihuahuas are barkers. Some bark at anything and everything. For the most part, my chi is quiet, but will bark if someone is at the door, or if there is an animal outside. The thing is, once she starts, it is impossible to quiet her unless I move her to another room. I read that this is not uncommon at all, but then again, it is not uncommon to have a quiet chihuahua either.

I've also read it is hard to train a chihuahua to stay quiet once it has realized that it can bark at the door. Since you will be living in an apartment, I would suggest you quiet your baby by putting her in another room the very first time she barks at the door. If you let the habit go, she might bark at noises all day long when you are at work, and your landlord could receive complaints--meaning things could get complicated!

ANYWAY. I'm sure you can find a chihuahua suited to you! Go to a breeder and ask to see all of the available puppies--any puppy that lets you hold it on it's back, licks you, and seems relaxed will be a laid-back puppy. My chi was clinging to me and had giant scared eyes when we picked her out--but she was too cute for me to resist. She is a 'typical chihuahua,' and I am fine with that because I love her to death. My best friend has a very laid back, friendly, butt-wiggling little chihuahua who is very friendly to everyone and never barks at a thing. It all really depends on the dog themselves, and you will be able to find one to suit you.
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