Enjoys playing with toys that most definitely are *NOT* toys! :p

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Let's go for a- swim
Barked: Sun Jan 2, '11 7:55pm PST 
Do the small dogs not love twist-ems like my Labs?
Momma's- Girls

Little Monsters
Barked: Sun Jan 9, '11 9:26pm PST 
OOH what's a twistem? wave

Mini loves any toilet paper/paper towels and the rolls of course. Kiki's more of a fabric pup. Any blankies, jackets hanging off chairs, towels, pajama bottoms.. she loves to play fight with any fabric. laugh out loud

Extremely- Squirmy Escape- Artist
Barked: Mon Jan 10, '11 10:36am PST 
Rico Suave- BOL about your Padrino's boots!! big laugh
Momma's Girls- Jujubee does the same. I had a new pair of fluffy soft pajama pants and she took them for herself. laugh out loud


Im just a little- guy
Barked: Sun Jan 16, '11 7:37pm PST 
My dog is weird. He never messes with non-toys. He only plays with his toys. Originally he would not play with the first toy. I encouraged him to play with toys. He plays with his 3 toys. He had other toys he never played with. I donated them to the shelter because they were clutter.
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