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Barked: Wed Dec 29, '10 11:52am PST 
I just posted this in response to "What's wrong with this picture"...

I started out with Luka on a harness (because of trachea issues, etc) and my trainer told me she preferred no harnesses in training class, so I got her a collar, and have used it in training classes and on walks. She doesn't pull, and hasn't "choked" with it.

She is about 10 lbs. Should I only be using a harness?
❤ Sadie- ❤

Miss Sadie the- Trouble Maker
Barked: Wed Dec 29, '10 12:18pm PST 
I have the same question too. Oakley walks by my side most of the time and never chokes herslef so she just walks on a collar, but Sadie is the total opposite and pulls like no other so she is on a harness. I am curious as to whatp people say

Miss Diva to- you!!
Barked: Wed Dec 29, '10 12:27pm PST 
Sasha only has a collar because she NEVER pulls and ALWAYS walks right beside of me, half the time she never even has a leash on because she stays right with momma laugh out loud Gizmo & E(well I have no idea how she is going to walk but she has a harness just in case) have harnesses because they pull. I see no point in buying Sasha a harness because she doesn't need one shrug
I see no problem as long as they arent pulling, as long as you are comfortable with it blue dog


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Barked: Wed Dec 29, '10 12:42pm PST 
I think a harness has more to do with the tiny breeds that have trachea issues. I had a cocker and always used a collar.

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Barked: Wed Dec 29, '10 1:39pm PST 
I think if they do have trachea problems then, yes a harness needs to be used. I had to use a flat buckle collar on Nicky in training class and he did real well on it and that was before I really started heel work with him. He only had problems once in class. I put a second collar on to attach the leash to and made sure it fit right up under his chin.
Princesse- Lily CGN

I am RoyalChi!
Barked: Wed Dec 29, '10 2:55pm PST 
Any reading I have done about Chihuahua care is very specific about them needing harnesses. I have no idea about other breeds.smile Princesse wears a collar for her tags, but on walks, she wears her harness. I would rather be safe than sorry. The Chi in my post was tied to a chain by a collar which did *not* look safe to me.Perhaps a leash would have been a different story.thinking
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Barked: Wed Dec 29, '10 4:51pm PST 
Everything I've read about dog's with trachea problems is that they need to wear a harness, even if they don't typically pull on a walk, because a situation might arise that might make them pull. The nice receptionist at the vet said her dog normally doesn't pull, but suddenly wanted to chase a squirrel, and it passed out after it's sudden tug, she was so scared that she lost him... he came to and was ok, but she's been very careful about him wearing a harness since then.

Bingley isn't typically a puller, but I keep him in one because he chokes easy, and Emmett is horrible with his gagging, so he wears a harness, too.
Stormy Puppy- (Found a- home!)

Barked: Wed Dec 29, '10 6:22pm PST 
If your dog is a breed prone to trachea problems I'd probably use a harness just in case, whether they pull or not.

Barked: Thu Dec 30, '10 9:43am PST 
My pup loves his Buddy Belt. It was pricey, but it works so well. We got it at Muttropolis.com. They have a bunch of cute colors.
Hazel Louise

Therapy Dog- Greatness!
Barked: Thu Dec 30, '10 12:46pm PST 
One of my Cavs, Stella, the older blenheim, walks perfectly on a leash, but Hazel, my young black & tan, pulls somewhat. I also walk them together alot with a coupler, so I use harnesses more than just their collars. I, too, love their Buddy Belts! But they're so expensive that they only have 1 each. They also have some other non-choking harnesses that I love. One is called the Scrappy Pet harness that is a "knock-off" of the Buddy Belt. It's made from scrap, recycled leather and is a lot cheaper than the Buddy Belt. They have 2 each of these. Doggie Design makes a mesh ultra harness that's non-choking and we have 3 each of these in various colors, LOL....we are "collar/harness" crazy here!

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