Frenchie n' Other "Healthy" Lil Pooches Flying In Cabin, n' Carriers Fitting Under Airplane Seats?

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Louie the bold!
Barked: Sun Dec 26, '10 7:41am PST 
Fredy, forgot to mention some of the people on the yahoo list are pretty blunt! And, it's pretty quiet over there this weekend.
Bianca CGC- TT HIC Thd- ♥

What big ears- you have...
Barked: Sun Dec 26, '10 11:28am PST 
The rules and measurement requirements vary by airline, so check with the airline company you want to book with to find out what the require.

I recently flew with a cat on Southwest. The way it works with them is you book your flight (for the human) and then you call them and tell them you want to make a pet reservation. They ask for your person reservation info and give you a confirmation number for your pet. They have a rule that only 4 or 5 pets can be on any one flight (I forget if it's 4 or 5) so it's good to book the pet reservation early. I've heard Southwest to be very pet friendly and I found that to be the case when we went as well.
When we got to the airport, we had to tell them at the counter where you check your luggage that we had a pet, and they printed out a tag to put on his carrier. When you get to the security screening they have you take your pet out of the carrier, put the empty carrier through the x-ray machine and carry the pet through the metal detectors. When the carrier comes out of the machine you put your pet back in.
When you get on the plane (I think they're all like this) you put the carrier under the seat and they have to stay there for the whole flight. The measurement requirements are different depending on the airline so if you are going to buy a carrier check what the requirements are first.
I would suggest checking out this carrier, I don't have one but I thought about buying one and I think it looks good and has more space than many of the airline carriers available:

Another really nice one is the Sleepypod Air (I think that's the name?)
We ended up using a Sherpa bag because I already owned one.

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its ouija- monster!
Barked: Sun Dec 26, '10 12:19pm PST 
each airline has different measurements. Whenw e moved from Hawaii to California we had Ouija on board with us. And we flew Hawaiian Airlines (Which has some of the smallest size limits for carry on dog bags!)

We have one soft sided bag thats made by American Airlines. We purchased it at Petco. It was too large for Hawaiians rules though so it became my moms carrier for bringing the cat to the vet : We ended up finding a small petco brand carry-on that fit the requirements though. it also folds up quite small and flat.

All that said, the bag was never measured or really looked at at the airport. They just had me open the bag to see if Ouija fit the health record description. Also we had to have our tickets booked first. Then we had to call airline, give our info and they put it in the system that seat 1a(or whatever you have!) has a pet carry on.


I'm a Good elf
Barked: Sun Dec 26, '10 6:41pm PST 
Louie, Thanks for telling us..we got that impression about "blunt" wink

This experience sure is educational for us.

We went and looked at the "Tutto" but the medium is 20" L x 13" H x 9" ( The9" seems a bit narrow for us. They say only the small and Medium are airline approved..Some of these bags sure are innovative, albeit pretty pricey. (Fredy, is being a doll about being measured in every conceivable position..over n'over). Kinda wish our frog could be brindle for a day so she'd look smaller. Someone suggested a black bag as well looks smaller. Maybe we can wear a black tee shirtthinking

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Bianca CGC- TT HIC Thd- ♥

What big ears- you have...
Barked: Sun Dec 26, '10 9:09pm PST 
If you look at the info for the Tutto, it says it can be compressed to fit under the seat (without collapsing on the dog) if the height is too high.

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Barked: Mon Dec 27, '10 9:25am PST 
Don't go by manufacturer's claims that the bags are "Airline approved". You have to check with the carrier that you're flying with and see their dimensions that they accept. Some now are starting to list maximum sizes for both soft carriers and hard carriers. Even if the soft can be 'squished' to fit, now some are being more strict about that too.

Whatever airline you're flying, check their home page and find the specific dimensions they'll allow. It differs a little from plane to plane and from airline to airline.
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