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bitches love- pantaloons
Barked: Fri Dec 10, '10 12:56pm PST 
Hello, I was wondering if any of you feed once daily. What are the pros and cons of one meal vs. multiples for little dogs? I know some small dogs can have glucose problems which requires them to be fed several times a day, but how about healthy dogs? Thanks!

I iz a special- puppy :)
Barked: Fri Dec 10, '10 1:04pm PST 
We only feed once a day, they eat in the evenings. They do great on it, we haven't had really any cons with them eating only once a day, but I think that it really depends on the dog big grin
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Mobile Kissing- Booth
Barked: Fri Dec 10, '10 1:39pm PST 
We do 2 feedings a day as incentive for her to hurry and potty. In the past I use to feed Lacey only once right after she went potty at night. So in the mornings, there was no real incentive for her to hurry and potty so she would take forever! Or not go at all so I would have to keep taking her out which was a big pain.

Leah, CGC

All the Beauty- with none of the- Brains
Barked: Fri Dec 10, '10 1:48pm PST 
There are some minor cons to once daily feeding:
It is known to increase the chance of GDV (bloat) in deep chested dogs - Probobly not an issue for you!

It can increase gas production in some dogs which can cause smelly gas and abdominal cramping.

It causes the metabolism to slow down which can lead to increased weight or obesity.

I personally feed twice daily because I eat twice daily (at my house) and I feed my dogs when I eat. It also makes it easier to give them supplements and pills because I keep everthing near the food to remind me to throw it in.
Papllon Gang

Fun-N-the Sun
Barked: Fri Dec 10, '10 4:11pm PST 
I feed at least 2x a day. My guys get too hungry.

Im just a little- guy
Barked: Fri Dec 10, '10 6:35pm PST 
Milton eats breakfast and dinner. I feed him less in the mornings since he will be home all day. When I get home from work or whatever I walk him. Then he gets his dinner.
Addy, CGC

Let's go for a- walk!
Barked: Fri Dec 10, '10 7:29pm PST 
I don't understand feeding once a day. I mean, seriously, I don't understand it. I know there are people, I even know some personally, who love their dogs dearly, and feed once a day, but I just can't see it. I don't understand why you'd want to do that.

Until Addy, I've always fed twice a day. I started that way with Addy, but if the timing of her meals was even slightly off, she'd vomit bile because her stomach was too empty. This happens with a lot of small dogs (not all, by any means; most do fine with two meals, and some do fine with one meal), and I'd heard of it from other Crested people. So now she gets three small meals a day--and I no longer have to fuss too much about the exact timing. She's a lot better able to tolerate variations in schedule, she doesn't vomit bile anymore, and she's maintaining a healthy weight and enjoys all three of her meals.

That's what works with Addy. Your mileage may, and probably will, vary.

Let's go for a- swim
Barked: Fri Dec 10, '10 8:39pm PST 
After they are 6 months old, I feed my Labs once a day. I have little experience with small dogs, but have seen many report of spitting up yellow bile if they go too long between meals. For most small dogs, I see little reason not to feed twice a day.

I find it a nuisance. I had to pack up a meal for 5 month old Delilah today and take it along to the health fair where I had a booth today. Then at 6 PM, I had to take her our and feed her and give her a potty break. Tomorrow, same thing, we will be ringing bells for the Salvation army all day. At least Sunday we should be home from the party by 6 PM. Delilah often has 2 bowel movements after her evening meal. A real hassle if you are in a public place all evening.

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Barked: Sat Dec 11, '10 4:00am PST 
Remy eats 2-3 times a day. He eats in the mornings with the cats. And then when I leave for work he gets a kong filled with canned foot. He usually eats about 1/2 sometime during the day and saves the rest for when I get home, but sometimes empties it. In the evening he finishes his kong if any is left and gets a 2nd one.

He also has kibble available most of the time. Sometimes he goes days without eating any and then somedays he'll empty the bowl.

It's all about- me
Barked: Sat Dec 11, '10 4:18am PST 
I feed my two twice a day. More in the morning and a little in the evening. They also get little treats throughout the day of carrots or sometimes cheese. I used to feed only once a day and the oldest packed on the pounds. Whether or not changing him to feeding twice a day has helped in his weight loss,I'm not sure but I know it hasn't hurt!
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