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Extremely- Squirmy Escape- Artist
Barked: Mon Jan 24, '11 5:36am PST 
Echo I know what you mean! I agree that people should be careful of breeders who say they've got teacup puppies though. Back home in South Texas almost everyone I knew growing up had a chihuahua or was related to or knew someone with a chihuahua. I used to believe there were teacup chihuahuas, but I never heard of any other teacup breed. I remember one day going upstairs to my apartment and seeing this couple standing outside with their chihuahua, and I had never seen anything like that. It's head really was bigger and out of proportion to the tiny body. It reminded me of the way they draw the cartoon chihuahuas, and it really could've been confused with some kind of tiny rodent but it was barking bol! I have to say though, what is the purpose of that? Why do people even want a dog that small? Attention??shrug
Donovan'sMajesticJet of Solace

Street sweeper!
Barked: Mon Jan 24, '11 7:06pm PST 
I agree with Eponine, they are too cute, but wouldnt buy one.
Penny Mouse- Fart Ayala

I eat, therefore- I am.....
Barked: Mon Jan 24, '11 7:24pm PST 
Jujubee, here is your answer as to why anyone would want a dog that small. Please bear in mind these are MY reasons and other folks I'm sure, have thier own. Penny is 3 & 3/4 lbs of exquisite cuteness!

1)Seriously adorable and easily portable
2)I have severe spinal arthritis and heart, etc. health conditions that preclude me being able to lift/wash/care for a larger dog.
3)She is cheap to feed the very best food there is on the market. Seriously, you would NOT believe how little she eats!
4)The poopies are so small that we can mow them and some dry up and blow away they're so tiny!
5)When she needs medicine she saves me SO much money on dosage! She's on a daily anti-fungal for her skin and only takes 1/8th of a tab a day. $20 for 3 months of meds!
6)GREAT lap warmer! Doesn't hurt me when she jumps on me.
7)Tiny dog, tiny bark (sounds like a dog on helium, SO cute!)

And finally and foremostly: Loves me TOTALLY and Unconditionally and keeps me wonderful company and is the reason I get out of bed in the morning. She makes me laugh and cheers me up and entertains me to no end. She is my love and my cherished baby and if you could just spend an hour with me and Penny I think you would fall in love like I did!

PS, my last dog Tascha was 48 lbs of love, but I had so many problems caring for her, I had to ask for help all the time, that I decided my next dog I would be able to lift in and out of the tub without asking for help and BOY did I do that!! Tascha passed on of old age at 14 and I got Penny about 2 years later.

And yes, I dress her in clothes because she's hairless and her dermatologist recommends it. She gets too cold in the winter and in the summer will sunburn without a t-shirt and sunblock. Her clothes are custom made for HER comfort, not to satisfy any needs of mine. Although they are cute as heck...lol


I'm a trilingual- dog!
Barked: Mon Jan 24, '11 7:31pm PST 
Penny, but a 3lb something Chi isn't a teacup.. that's well within standard.....

A "teacup" Chi would be a runty little Chi, LESS than the preferred 1.5kg (~3.3lb) to 3kg (~6.6lb)..

That would be a very small Chi indeed!!!! shock
Penny Mouse- Fart Ayala

I eat, therefore- I am.....
Barked: Mon Jan 24, '11 7:36pm PST 
Hey Lilith! There's NO SUCH THING as a "teacup" Chi. What this conversation is really addressing is the smaller end of the dog breeds, which I CONSTANTLY get asked in public, whenever we go out in public. Like "teacup" is a distinct breed or something. Pennys a normal/small Chi and well within breed standard, but since she is 3 & 3/4 lbs, that's what some folks will consider her, regardless. Anyone who is more familiar with the Chi breed knows she's normal sized for her breed, but most folks just don't know!

Lemme at 'em!
Barked: Mon Jan 24, '11 7:41pm PST 
way to go good enough! Luna is 7.5lbs and just 10.5" at the shoulders, she's on the small end of a Minpin but there is no cup she can fit in frown

Besides the big oversized martini ones you can find in casinos!!! way to goway to golaugh out loud

Semper Vorax
Barked: Tue Jan 25, '11 10:59am PST 
I think it's totally irresponsible of breeders to advertise teacups. Mine are tiny enough at 6-7 lbs, and they're slightly oversize.

There is all sorts of dangers in a teacup dog, from being prey for raptors, other dogs, cats, and even ferrets, to health problems like hypoglycemia and fragile bones that break easily, to physical dangers like doors. My pastor had a "teacup" yorkie that weighed in at 1.8 lbs. The poor thing died at age 4, because it was following him around like a loyal dog does, and it got caught in the door as he closed it behind him.

I think People that love toy dogs fall into about 3 categories, some people into more than 1 of these

1. People who want dogs as a Status symbol. Toy dogs have historically been companion dogs for the wealthy.

2. people who have control or dependency issues. Some people get tiny dogs because they want the sense of being much bigger than something, or they get them because they are baby-size. These types are the ones that usually wind up falling for the teacup size gimmick. They are also the ones who put them in strollers, carry them around in purses, and so forth.

3. People who love dogs and dog personality, but don't want the big dog presence. Toy dogs are compact, easy to travel with, produce less waste, and fit much easier into an apartment. they are perfect for people who have lifting issues or people who can't walk very far.

These are dogs that are already "teacup" size, just by breed standard, under 5 lbs. They don't need to be any smaller. If people are actively looking for a dog under these sizes, I tell them to consider a rat or a ferret. Both creatures are intelligent, trainable, loyal, and tiny, and both live around 8-12 years, which, when you think about it, is the same lifespan as the average dog of any size.

chihuahua: 2-6 lb
Prazsky Krysarik: 2-6
pomeranian: 3-6
Toy Fox Terrier: 3-7
Russkiy Toy: 3-10
Yorkshire Terrier: 4-7

The Baby Geams
Barked: Tue Jan 25, '11 12:15pm PST 
The breeder that I bought my chi from said she didn't use the term 'teacup,' but if she did, my dog would most definitely be considered to be one.

She is a year old and 3.5lbs, 3.7lbs on a fat day.
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