Table surfing

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Is today agility- day??
Barked: Tue Nov 16, '10 5:56pm PST 
Bailey's dream is to be able to counter surf. He's too short to reach anything but the coffee table, and I try my best to make sure I don't leave anything there unattended. He's quick!
Blaise Marie

I will eat- untill I- explode!
Barked: Thu Nov 18, '10 1:30pm PST 
Blaise is horrible with this. In the middle of the night I would hear noises and it would be Blaise eating the gum out of my purse on the dining room table or something similar.
Now anything edible (including her all time favorite being any sort of chapstick or lip gloss) I keep in the inside zipper part of my purse.....
She knows "off" and when we catch her and tell her that she promptly jumps off as told.
We've started locking them in our bedroom at night to avoid this problem. But still if we per say go in the garage for a minute, up she goes.thinking

I might be small- but i have big- idea's
Barked: Mon Nov 22, '10 4:19am PST 
lulu used to climb on the couch and then onto the kitchen bench i now never leave food on the bench and have pulled the couch back a bit so she can't reach. I have seen this product i don't know what it's called you but it on the table and when your dog jumps on the table it sprays citronella ,it works by a censor so when they walk by it sprays.

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