Picking up small dogs

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I'm a trilingual- dog!
Barked: Mon Nov 15, '10 12:36pm PST 
Our little ones are blessed with a large body guard, soon to be two bodyguards, so hardly anyone is dumb enough to try to pick them up.

Barked: Mon Nov 15, '10 12:45pm PST 
Bella is used to it.
The only thing she gets unhappy about is little, little kids not petting her "nice".

Ninja Canine
Barked: Mon Nov 15, '10 12:57pm PST 
One time, shortly after I had gotten Tai, we were at the local winter festival. He was getting much better around people but he was still a little wary, especially of men. This middle-aged man came out of nowhere, didn't even ask me to pet him, and tried to pick him up from behind. It's a dang good thing I reacted quickly, because Tai might have taken a good chunk out of his face. I definetly talked to him about that. Oy. Honestly, it's like "how would you react if some strange man several times bigger than you suddenly snuck up behind you and tried to lift you off the ground?"

He doesn't care in the least if I pick him up, but he doesn't like it much if other people do. Even most of my family avoids it because they know he doesn't like it. Strangers who do it might get bit, so I have to be careful.


I don't walk, I- prance!
Barked: Tue Nov 16, '10 8:35am PST 
Ah I was at a friends house couple days ago with Rufio for a doggy playdate with her dog. At one point when Rufio was sniffing around she went to pick him up and he snapped, I quickly stepped in and Rufio ran to me (he runs to me when he is in a situation when something is wrong cloud 9). My friend asked me "how come your dog snaps when people try to pick him up?" naughty STUPID, would you like a stranger to pick u up?
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