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Izzy Bear

Your only as- small as you- think you are
Barked: Wed Aug 25, '10 7:40pm PST 
Coco that was the same thing with Izzy We went to the dog beach, Izzy had fun playing with all the puppies but she only stick her toes in the water.

Nicky I hope you beach adventure goes better!!!smile
Yoda Moda

Barked: Thu Aug 26, '10 11:57am PST 
we swim we tried to get a video but it didn't work we are pugs
so far Yoda has swam , Genle Ben , pepper and we will be getting the rest to try they like it ..we do use a safety jacket with them sinc eth epool is big and they way their chest is made .. but as soon as they feel the water their feet start doing their duty

hpwdy everyone

YODA & family PLR too hugway to gowave

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Puppy Prodigy

Barked: Thu Aug 26, '10 1:12pm PST 
I. LOVE. SWIMMING. I even once jumped into a lake in January because I couldn't resist. We had to go home immediately after that, Mom wasn't to pleased. I don't get it, is there really a time that is too cold for swimming?

Mom says my adoration of the water is weird for a dachshund, she's never had one that is such a water dog. If I'm near a lake or even just a puddle I will get very pouty if Mom won't let me take a dip. If we have a ball that I get to retrieve it makes it WAY more fun than it already is!

Miss Daisy- June

Miss Daisy June-
Barked: Thu Aug 26, '10 6:18pm PST 
Miss Daisy likes the water, but she was raised with it, she is a Florida citizen.

mischief is my- middle name
Barked: Thu Aug 26, '10 7:11pm PST 
The first time Echo went swimming she stopped when her toes wouldn't touch the bottom and turned around. But, she really wanted to follow the other dogs and there was no way to go around the river, so she HAD to swim to get to the other side, so finally I guess she thought "well, I'm not missing out on all that fun on the other side, I'm going for it!" so she just jumped in and took off! dancing The other dogs were her only incentive, I didn't try to encourage her.

Now, she never hesitates and is the first one in the water swimming around!

swimming with big bro Budrow
of course, Budrow's walking, not swimming!laugh out loud
Izzy Bear

Your only as- small as you- think you are
Barked: Thu Aug 26, '10 7:59pm PST 
Awwwwww echo with her big brother!!!! love the piccloud 9

Love is ice- cubes and pine- cones.
Barked: Thu Aug 26, '10 11:28pm PST 
My dogs are shibas which as a breed tend to hate water. Both hated water when I first got them. One now LOVES water and the other is liking it more and more. The things that helped me personally were; first the beach. At the beach both were more interested in the water (possibly the different smells and it moving in and out) and both felt less threatened by the gradual deepness so they could start with only paws in and work up. It also helps to go on hotter days so then they learn how great the water feels to cool off in. I also got in which helped too. Then after they had some positive experiences with water on hotter days at the dog park I took them to the kiddie pool they have there and threw in toys and otherwise made the water fun. It took a couple months to get where we are now but Tidus now jumps in whenever he sees water and stays in as long as he can, and Shadow will even occasionally jump in too. It can take some time and work. With me it was important because of their thick coats and VA weather; I wanted them to be able to cool off and enjoy all the beaches here. Good luck!!
Izzy Bear

Your only as- small as you- think you are
Barked: Fri Aug 27, '10 6:48pm PST 
thanks for the advice Titus, I will keep trying and encourage Izzy to have fun at the beach. We might be going again this weekend so ill bring some of her favorite balls and water proof toys to try and lure her in. we've been having some pretty intense heat waves this week in Cali so the weather should be perfect to encourage her into the cool water. My friend has a shibo who wont even go near the water so kudos for great training!

Barked: Sun Sep 5, '10 5:33pm PST 
Lilly LOVES to swim. Everytime we go somewhere with bodies of water she is one of the first to jump in and swim smile
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