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Kitsune- Trouble

Divide and- cuddle!!
Barked: Sun Aug 15, '10 1:14pm PST 
I use a harness on Kit and have been since we got him. He has good leash manners and isn't bad about pulling, but I'll never use anything other than a harness. Dogs necks, like humans, are pretty sensitive areas. I just can't imagine it'd be very comfortable for them being restrained from around the neck like that.

Kit does have a collar, but it's only a place to hang his ID tag. I never attach his leash to it or use it to control him (maybe I would in an emergency, but I've never had that come up).
Pepper, SD,- CGC

Laissez Les Bons- Temps Rouler!!!
Barked: Sun Aug 15, '10 3:38pm PST 
I always use a harness on Pepper. She has a collar for her tags, but the leash goes on the harness. I use a
webmaster by ruffwear

It is great, I can pick her up by it, it is padded, 5 point adjustable. I also use it in the car.
Penny Mouse- Fart Ayala

I eat, therefore- I am.....
Barked: Sun Aug 15, '10 4:26pm PST 
Always a harness for me due to the collapsing trachea danger. Also, alot of my winter coats have D rings sewed to the back, so it's an outfit and a harness!! I've got some of the neatest of the outfits with D rings from Ebay!!


Miss- Pig!
Barked: Sun Aug 15, '10 6:12pm PST 
I haven't used Missy's for a while, probably since the day she backed out of it after a dog. Not to mention all the times she's rolled in fox and cow poo that smears itself all over her fabric harness. It's from Puppia, i got it at a dog show a few years back. She walks at my side in most situations anyway so it's not essential she wears one.

Barked: Sun Aug 15, '10 6:30pm PST 
Pheobie doesn't always wear a harness but if I know where going on a super long walk or a hike I give her a harness. She doesn't really like putting them on so I don't make her, and she doesn't pull so its not a big deal.
Ziggy- Stardust

I am not a- Jackson Pollock- painting.
Barked: Sun Aug 15, '10 9:32pm PST 
Bailey and Ziggy both have harnesses. They don't own collars. I put their 'bling' directly on the harness. So, every time they go anywhere they have their tags with them. They jingle!

I also have Bailey chipped, and when Zig gets neutered, he's going to get chipped too.

I have a step-in for Zig since he's a puppy and it's easier to get them into, but I have an over-head-around the arm one for Bailey. Bailey's got so that he lifts his right arm automatically for me to put it thru.
I'm getting Ziggy one like it soon, because although the step-ins are easy to get on the dog, I have a helluva time getting both rings fed into the leash clip! There are two rings in the step-in ones, and when it's 6 AM and puppy squirms, it takes me forever to get both rings hooked in.

I don't walk, I- prance!
Barked: Mon Aug 16, '10 8:25am PST 
Rufio has a step in harness, he likes it...as soon as he sees me taking it out he already puts his paws in to step in it and is ready to go!

Where do you guys find harnesses? I've been looking for a new one but I like the step in ones.

Is today agility- day??
Barked: Mon Aug 16, '10 9:10am PST 
I've gotten all of my step-in harnesses from Lupine. I usually order online since the local stores are hit or miss with small dog sizes, plus you can have access to retired patterns that way. I'm hooked on the crazy daisy pattern for Saige.

little- dog big- life
Barked: Mon Aug 16, '10 12:57pm PST 
the buddy belt is so awesome! way to go
click for buddy belt homepage
the lady who sells on ebay is very nice, you have to find a rep who sells them. i also bought one from a pet shop online.
so much freedom, yet so secure and my neck and head are free! snoopy
PrincessMorn- ingstar

Adopt a Pup-U- Will Be Glad U- Did
Barked: Mon Aug 16, '10 5:03pm PST 
Princess uses a step in harness, and I love it. Believe it or not, I found it at Walmart for only $8.00. They come in several designs and it has stopped her from pulling. When she sees it coming, she will go into a sit/beg position and slides each leg into it and then she sits with her head down, so I can clip it closed on her back. Gigi has a soft harness and I am looking into getting her the vest type since she is so small.
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