Need health info for silky

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the cuddler
Barked: Mon Sep 20, '10 12:20pm PST 
My mother, who passed away in December, owned a silky. About a year before Mom died, Midge began to develop skin trouble, gloppy eyes, and the occasional ear infection. Since Mom died, Midge - who still lives in with my 91 year old father in the home they shared - has gotten much worse - has almost constant chronic ear infections, and now all the hair under her chin and on her paws has fallen out, and looks very red. And her eyes are bad too. Dad is unable to manage giving her antibiotics and drops and all the rest, since he is blind in one eye and a little senile, so every time she gets sick, she has to go and stay with the vet in medical boarding until she is well again. I have two dogs and a cat at our house, so we can't take her, even if I wanted to.

She has been tested for hypothyriodism, but her hormone levels are normal. The vet says she has allergies, which I suppose is true, but antibiotics do not cure them, and finding exactly what kind of allergy she has seems impossible to assess by either of the 2 vets I have taken her to. I have her bathed every 2 weeks in a vet-prescribed medicated shampoo, but that does not seem to help either.

My question is, should I keep going on this cycle - it is my job, since Dad cannot, to coordinate all the vet visits etc. - of getting Midge well, then she gets sick again, etc etc. etc. etc., or should I simply have the dog put to sleep, since Midge is in pain from the ear infections, plus there's the cost of the 10-day vet stays and meds - around $500 each time. Does anyone have any ideas?

Barked: Tue Jun 7, '11 8:20am PST 
check for food allergies. My silky became real sick, throwing up, gummy stuff running from his eyes. He has allergies to soy, dairy and corn. When I put him on a special diet "Science Diet Z/D" he no longer has any problems. During the spring allegery season we sometime have to give him an allergery pill. Check with your vet before giving him anything over the counter.