where are you silkys??

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if its low- enough i will- eat it
Barked: Thu Mar 11, '10 9:04am PST 
Anyone in New york?

support the- rabid
Barked: Fri Apr 23, '10 7:39am PST 
Hello everyone! I'm new here at Dogster. Nice to meet you all! happy dance

Barked: Sat Nov 27, '10 11:56pm PST 
Here I am . I am new wave and looking for silky pet pals.


Barked: Mon Dec 27, '10 7:36am PST 
My name is Sadie and I am a Silky for some reason Mom just added me to my brothers page. He is a Yorkie-Poo. I live in Ohio

The Ticking Time- Bomb
Barked: Wed Jan 12, '11 11:14am PST 
I am Skeeter, a 7 year old Silky.

Some people have their privacy set to only accept friends that know their email, so feel free to add me!

Also, my owner is an artist and can paint fantastic doggie portraits, please check him out on jeremysart.com or facebook pages under JeremysArt!


Barked: Wed Oct 5, '11 10:46am PST 
im here...& u chose a great breed as ur first dog. it was also my first breed of dog...
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