Considering a husky - feedback appreciated!

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I’m strongly considering adopting a Siberian husky from the local rescue shelter. They seem like amazing dogs, and I feel that my lifestyle would fit well with owning a husky.
I have done a LOT of research, gotten great insight from forums like this, read books, and understand the huge responsibility of owning a husky.

My main question for you, current husky owners, is if you feel that I would make a good husky owner, based on my lifestyle.

I currently live in a small apartment. I work about a 5 minute walk from where I live, and have 2 dog parks within 10 minutes of me.
If I had a husky, I would wake up early every morning and take the dog for a 4-mile run/bike (which I do anyways). I would then leave for work for a couple hours, and come back home for lunch to take the dog for a 20-30 minute walk. I would return back from work in the evening (around 6pm) to take the dog to the local dog park for 30-60 minutes, and spend the rest of the evening with the dog.
However, while I am at work, I would have to crate the husky due to my small apartment. In total, the husky would be crated for 2-3 hours in the morning, and 4-5 hours in the afternoon.

Do you think this is an adequate lifestyle for a husky? I would love the dog unconditionally, but obviously would not get one if I didn’t feel I would be able to provide it with the best life possible.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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Good for you for doing all the research and trying to figure out what would be best for you and the dog.
First, I know some people may and probably will argue this but I dont think there is any problem with having a Husky in an apartment. As long as that dog is getting good exercise and lots of love, it will work out just fine. I think you have worked out the schedule wonderfully. And from what you have said I think you will make a wonderful Husky owner. They are remarkable dogs, so loving and playful. So smart and hilarious. I fell in love with the breed after I got Mika, and I would own 10 of them if I could, but 2 is plenty for me and my family right now!
Crate training is a good idea, I tried having my puppy just in the bedroom when we would leave which was fine at first but soon back fired, and crating was the best thing, and as long as you make the crate a happy place for your dog, they wont mind. Infact they will feel safe and sound in there. Comfy bed, safe toys to chew (non choking hazards) and looks forward to seeing you come home on your breaks to let her/him out for a bit. It seems like you know and have done your research on the exercise they need so I wish you the best of luck and give your new dog lots of love and attention and exercise and your Husky will be your best friend!!
We look forward to seeing pictures here if you decide to adopt and if you have any other question pls feel free to ask! way to go

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Sounds like a perfect lifestyle for a husky smile If you are getting an adult, it may take a little while for him/her to warm up to you, but it is well worth the wait.way to go Adult huskies can be reasonably lazy between exercise opportunities. Fritz doesn't use a crate, he was abused in one, so play it by ear. Fritz is fine when left alone for a few hours. He has a long nap.

Since you are doing research, you probably know about husky prey drive and the fact that we shouldn't be off leash unless we are in a secure area.

Good Luck, hope to see you back with pictures of your new best friend. dog walk