Luna turned a year!!!

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Barked: Fri Jan 4, '13 2:48am PST 
So the end of 2012 was very busy for my fur family and I but thought I should let everyone know that Luna had turned a year on December 22, 2012. She has definitely grown to be a beautiful husky. When I got her she was only 3 weeks old. I know too young to be going away from her mom and siblings. But since I'm a vet tech I thought her health was at stake and she was better off with me than with the guy who called himself a breeder. When I bought her, all of her siblings were gone. So I asked the guy why he was selling the pups so young instead of keeping them with the mother for another 5 weeks. And he told me that the mother stopped feeding them and was rejecting the whole litter. So it's obvious that he hadn't done the research on what to do when the mother rejects the litter. When he told me this I had noticed that she already had her milk teeth and it came to me that the mother was starting to wean her pups. I asked him what he was feeding the pups since the mom rejected the litter and he told me that he had been feeding the pups dairy milk (the milk that we humans drink!) I automatically thought that she was better off with me. So I took her and weaned her myself. She had taken up the gruel I made for her immediately. I had taken her to my vet the same day I bought her to make sure she was healthy. And to my surprise she was! When she turned 8 weeks, I took her for her first round of shots, got her dewormed and had a parvo test done. She tested negative for parvo. Thank god for that. Thankfully she has no health problems to this day. She is now 50lbs.

Luna - 3 weeks
Luna - 3 weeks
Luna - 5 weeks
Luna - 8 weeks
Luna - 10 weeks
Luna - 12 weeks
Mishka and Luna
Luna - 3 months
Luna - 4.5 months
too big for her puppy bed
Luna - 8 months
Smile your on candid camera
Finally 1 year!

blue/brown eyed- girl!
Barked: Fri Jan 4, '13 6:29am PST 
wow those are such beautiful pics!!!! What a gorgeous girl!
Mishka &- Luna

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Thank you Mika. I'm a proud Momma big grin


blue/brown eyed- girl!
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you are very welcome! And you should be a proud mamma! They are gorgeous