Crate training

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Hello all;
I am new to dogsters but very excited. I am a new mommy to a siberian husky female (8 weeks old). She has been a great addition. Definitley has a mind of her own but we are learning and so is she which is funsmile My partner and I are both very athletic so we are both very excited to share our love for active lifestyles with our dog.
One area that we are having a little bit of trouble with is crate training our puppy during the day. She is really good during the night and in the car. However when we go to work she is still not quite comfortable remaining in her crate. We always giver her plenty of exercise and attention when she is out of her crate... but nothing seems to help. She has toys in there as well as Kongs with food in it to keep her attention. We have tried a radio which seems to help a bit but she still isn't able to calm down for longer then 20 minutes... any suggestions?