Question about your Siberian being off leash

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Barked: Wed Nov 30, '11 12:22pm PST 
I realize this thread is kind of long dead, but I thought i'd chime in.. note this is simply my opinion and experience and may differ for others.

A well educated, well exercised (both mentally and physically) Husky who was started on commands from an early age can certainly be off leash. But like ALL breeds, you cannot trust them 100% in the beginning, and it should not be done without accepting that the chances of you losing him/her or chasing him/her for miles is very plausible - and then you have to be prepared to provide consequences if you find him/her. I strongly suggest people attend something such as a fenced in Dog Park - which provides plenty of distractions, yet a safe environment where s/he can't take off at least 20+ times where you get the correct response to your cues 100% of the time before even considering letting him or her off leash - and certainly never around a heavy traffic area.

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Barked: Tue Mar 4, '14 4:47am PST 
Just wanted to say that I have a 5 year old Husky called Simba and he is off lead. Simba is loveable and friendly and really wants to please me so his recall is amazing.

That being said I only let him off in areas with no cattle for miles as he will run and run and then run some more - Never goes out of my sight, but "sight" is 2 crop fields here.

ALWAYS comes back to me, however if he is not ready to be on the lead he will sit 5ft in front of me and leg it each time I try to get his collar. Repeat infinate amout of times. (well about 10 mins, but my partner would call this disobediance and not walk him for a week) I call this meeting me in the middle and so I will walk the extra 10 mins he needs and throw him treats to find until he is on the lead.

My dog is a coward - he LOVES other dogs, but will run straight to me and hide behind my legs if any get a bit unfriendly. If I am on a beach he will easily run 300-500 yards to say hello to another dog, but I do not let him off the lead unless other dogs are off lead - If any are on lead it is for a reason and I know when it comes to playing with a new friend I am only boss once he's tried to say hello.

Simba will run to a dog. Stop, sit down and wait for the dog to run to him. He has no idea on roads etc and so I do not allow him off the lead near them. He will get hit by a car - Easily!

Then again I have seen a small dog waddle in to a road in Wales and get fatally crushed by an oncoming van wheel without them even knowing they had hit it so I am never happy seeing ANY BREED of lead near a road; it's just too risky.....

So I guess what I am saying is perseverance is the key - If he runs off and I can't see him I hide from him. I am then the "prey" and so am the focus of his attention (but only after the squirrel has gone or the rabbit is in the hole)

So - I LOVE my dog - he LOVES me. This love is pure and unbeatable. He is MY dog I am HIS owner and it works. We respect each other and he knows I am boss; if he gets out of hand he knows he's in for it, by that I mean short lead for rest of walk and no treat. NO SHOUTING. If Huskies think they are coming back for a telling off they just won't come back - FULL STOP!

If you expect a very obidiant dog at all times without any play or rule bending ie well I've come back to you, but I'm not ready to go home yet then don't get a husky. If you live in urban areas don't let them off the lead - They like cats......... You do not want your neighbours putting up lost cat posters and thinking uh oh..... (Simba sadly played with my family cat at 1 year old and the shock got the cat not a mark on the cat, but Giz didnt like being awoken from sleep to be thrown in the air and caught a few times - This is a cat he "grew up with" do not trust them......Innocent mistake to make. Mum thought the cat was out - he wasnt!)

Simba is cute and cuddly and fun and a permanent 3 year old boy mentality in dogs clothing - I wouldnt change him for the wrold and when he does run away - well I know I have little wait in the woods before he finds my scent.

Ultimately he is off lead because I know he will always come back because he wouldnt be without me!!

Hope this helps smile

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Barked: Mon Mar 17, '14 2:16pm PST 
snip(Ultimately he is off lead because I know he will always come back because he wouldnt be without me!!)snip

Always coming back and being safe off lead are two different things. Lets hope there is never a speeding car, hunter, rabid animal....somewhere within site or you may lose your husky.

Fritz has always come back, thank Dog. He seldom gets away from me, but no one is perfect and it has occurred a few times. Just this morning he pushed through the gate. Luckily he likes riding in the car and he was willing to hop in my car and go for a short ride.

it is best to never let a husky off lead.

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