Side-sitting = hip dysplasia?

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Sable Marie

-insert witty- phrase here-
Barked: Sat May 15, '10 11:56am PST 
So I've mentioned my neighbors kind of scrutinize everything I do right?

Yesterday I reluctantly let Sable greet with two German Shepherd mixed bitches. It went well, thankfully. The dogs had fun, I... did not.

Of course, the neighbor in question, I'll call him Buggy, his nickname, is a long time friend of my mum. He's nice, I don't have a problem with him, big dog lover. But he still kind of went over everything I did to tell me I was doing everything wrong, sigh.

At times when Sable sits she sits to the side, kind of with like one leg tucked under her, she side switches. I've noticed she mostly does this outside on leash when she's tired, as she doesn't seem to care about sitting pretty.

He mentioned that was bad because in the future it will lead to hip dysplasia. Is that true? It's very possible and that I just don't know. I'm not sure if I should be concerned or not. He said to just correct her sitting to make her sit properly, I would except she'll just stand and stare at me as though I've just insulted her.

He also mentioned that my walking her on concrete was bad because of her nails, she doesn't seem to have any problem at all with her paws or nails. So I'm not entirely concerned, to be honest. Should I be?

I've dealt with a dog that had hip dysplasia before. It's unpleasant and I would like to prevent it if possible. None of my dogs have ever had nail problems though. Their walks on the side walks always seemed to aid the nail filing.

Fritz, cats are- fun when they- run
Barked: Sat May 15, '10 9:22pm PST 
I would guess that your friend spouts and believes a lot of wives tales.

It may be possible that a dog with painful hips might sit on one side or the other, but I really don't believe that sitting sideways will cause a healthy dog that has good hips to get dysplasia.

As long as you aren't walking your feet raw, I wouldn't worry about the cement, and we are impressed that you check stuff out instead of believing anyone who sounds authoritative when giving bad advice. way to go

Mischief maker!
Barked: Sun May 16, '10 8:51am PST 
your neighbours clueless!!

Hip dysplacia is genetic, they are either born with the potential to develop it or not. It can be made worse by overexercising a dog born with hip dysplacia when its a pup (especially on hard surfaces).

Regarding Sables nails, walking him on concrete is the ideal way to keep his nails at a safe length. I would avoid too much fast running on the concrete (especially with sudden stops like playing fetch) but gentle running and walking on concrete is ideal!

Sable Marie

-insert witty- phrase here-
Barked: Sun May 16, '10 10:18am PST 
Woo, then Sable should be fine =D I thought it was cute when she would sit sideways, like with one leg almost under her. She's 4 months old now, and she reminds me of a child, if she's sitting she'll shift and fidget around if she's bored or doesn't want to sit anymore.

I just found it really odd. I'm sure he said it because he was concerned, he really is a nice guy, but he also a one breed kind of guy. Every dog he has ever had is either German Shepherd or a mix that is mostly Shepherd, who tend to be more 'prone' to hip problems. All the same he really sounded like he knew what he was talking about, but it didn't sound right to me. So rather than changing what I was doing with Sable I figured double checking was the best idea.

As for her nails, any time she runs she's either in the yard, or on some kind of dirt/mulch. Once in a while we will jog on the street but its either up the street or down. Today I took her to the dog park to run around since she's big enough and has all of her shots.

She had a blast, ran around, played with all of the dogs. Had a small mishap when another dog slid into her and she hit the elevated water bowl :'< but she was fine and got back up to play after she let me fuss over her. It was a nice place to let her do her running.

Truth be told, my only concern is overworking her joints but I don't think I do that. She goes on at least 2 walks a day, usually 30 minutes each time. And short around the block to go potty walks. So I'm thinking 45-60 minutes to run about and play with other dogs will be fine, I only be going every day, maybe every other or every two days will do her good though.

I'm actually really happy with her temperament to other dogs and people, she's so friendly though I felt her initial socialization was lacking. I was very picky for a while, until about two weeks ago, actually, for only played with dogs I knew and trusted.

Anywhozzel, thanks Fritz and Bella =) The two of you were very helpful, I'm glad I decided to double check like always!


A lot of my neighbors really ARE clueless. @.@

Mischief maker!
Barked: Sun May 16, '10 2:26pm PST 
Not sure how old Sable is now, but the general rule with exercising puppies is to keep each session to 5mins per month of age. So for example if the puppy is 4 months old then its 20mins of exercise per session.

The pup can have two sessions a day (max three really but keep them well apart).

Most pups really look like they need more exercise and arent tired, but their bones are growing so you have to be very careful.

Mental training can really tire them out too so lots of training = tired happy puppy!!!big grin

Red Monster with- blue horns- Killer!
Barked: Sun May 16, '10 3:43pm PST 
GSD's have hip problems not Huskies. That's what I would have said. My Doxie sits to his side because he's so long. LOL
☆ Lacy

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Barked: Wed May 19, '10 5:05pm PST 
Wow, sometimes I wonder where these people get their information. Thats the first time I've ever heard somebody say that walking dogs on concrete is bad for the nails.
Sable Marie

-insert witty- phrase here-
Barked: Thu May 20, '10 10:41am PST 
Mental training tires them out my tookus. ... Oh my I sound like an old woman, bol. No matter how many 5 minute sessions a day I have with Sable she's ready to do it again and again and it tires me out faster than it tires her out. Her focus is scary, but I think it's because she knows eventually she will get a piece of cheese.

Of course I don't just let her run and go and be ridiculous like she wants. But I've taken to once a week taking her to the dog park to play. We go early and tend to be the only ones there most of the time so she just walks around and sniffs. Never there longer than an hour though.

I'm starting to think I just look or seem gullible to people because I always try to be polite. More often then not I just kind of roll my eyes and mumble a few 'okay' and 'whatever you say's so whoever will stop pestering me. A lot of the time these people seem to be trying to help me out and office advice of what they had done with their dogs so I don't just want to blow them off. They're trying to help! Other people though...psh, they haven't got the mental IQ of a reheated pancake.

And I'm not sure when concrete was ruled terrible for dogs, either. Sure when it's like 100+ degrees out and the ground is so hot that it could burn their paws, yes, that's bad. But a walk across black top won't hurt anyone. It saves me sitting with a nail file and 'fighting' with a puppy who will flop around and then cry like I'm beating her because I have a nail file in hand.

My entire neighborhood seems to be the 'old school' dog owners who think biting a dogs ear will make them obey more.

Tricks ? - You can't be- serious.....
Barked: Thu May 20, '10 11:22am PST 
Gracie says.....I have bitten my fair share of dogs on the ear and no one yet behaves in the way I want them to, which is essentilly to bring me a bucket of KFC or a nice salmon.....I also sit on the side - I think it is more lady-like, and i can sit down, and still see everything that is going on! Plus - crossing my paws in front, does hide some of my belly!! Now....if Mum would just buy me a misting fan, I'd be all set for summer....!

Jesse - Trouble with a- capital J
Barked: Tue Aug 3, '10 11:05pm PST 
Both Jesse and Tikaani side off to the side, I've never thought it would be a problem, and TBH I'm not sure how you would be able to stop it anyway????

As for concrete walking, I wouldn't do it in the heat of the day if I could help it, but it helps keep the nails filed down
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