Need Exercise Suggestions

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Barked: Sat May 8, '10 4:01pm PST 
Hey all,

So I'm giving it a shot with Layla and seeing how I can integrate her into my life. One thing I'm trying to figure out though, is how to give her adequate exercise. Here are my living situation details.

I live in a small apartment (673sqft) with 1bedroom/1bath. There's not enough room for Layla to play in the apartment, so whenever she's inside she will be in her crate or tethered to me. Other times she will be on my balcony. Until she becomes better behaved and more chilled out, I'm not going to let her roam my apartment.

There is nowhere to take her inside of my apartment complex, and driving Layla around in the car is IMPOSSIBLE. I can't put her in a harness because she won't let me right now (she mouths uncontrollably and squirms a lot). So basically I'm limited to exercising her in the apartment complex, or I risk getting into a car accident trying to transport her to a place where I can exercise her properly.

Also, she pulls VERY hard on her leash. It makes walking her very difficult. I will be enrolling her in obedience classes and hopefully that will help with the leash pulling. We've already completed a puppy class with her and that helped with some other stuff, but not with leash walking.

I live in Austin, Texas and it's starting to get very hot down here. It's already getting into the 90s during the day and it's only going to get hotter in the upcoming months. I'm thinking some sort of early morning/late night jog combination may be the best thing for Layla. What do you all think?

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Barked: Sat May 8, '10 6:08pm PST 

Is Layla food motivated? Sometimes when the weather is bad or too hot I'll feed her her evening meal one piece at a time. Sometimes I just throw it aways and make her come back. Or I'll put up a hurdle (like a stick or something) and make her jump back and forth over it by throwing the food on the other side each time. Sometimes just do basic obedience for the food too, sit, lay down, stand, stay come, etc. It's great to work their mind. Even a treat ball, buster cube or kong wobbler is good to work their mind to get their dinner.

Since you don't have a yard to play in. I would try to find a place where she could play off leash. Either a dog park, tennis courts, baseball field or something like that where it is completely fenced since huskies love to run and roam.

I think sometimes just taking them for a ride in the car helps. You can go to the petstore. And they could also just go for rides where you don't have to be out of the car like through a drive through fast food, bank, post office or to get gas.

And if could bike, rollerblade, skateboard or do anything else where she could pull you a little (not too much, she's still a pup) she'll love it.

I hope that helps a little. I think mental effort helps not need as much physical exercise, even though they do need both. Good luck.

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Barked: Sat May 8, '10 6:53pm PST 
Beware the dog parks too! Sassy would jump fence at the dog parks and take a cruise around the neighborhoods and green belt areas.

I like the whole biking with your dog thing. Huskies like to RUN!!! Although she is pretty young right now.


Walks do absolutely nothing for huskies. See if you can train her to catch frisbees or tennis balls, or if she likes to fetch. I do this indoors with Sassy, but she catches so no fear of breaking things.

Last suggestion is hire a dog walker. I totally would never be able to afford it, but it sounds like a lot of people on here do. But then again, if I didn't have kids... maybe I could.

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Barked: Sat May 8, '10 8:14pm PST 
I would agree with Nakita, go to the dog park and let her run around off leash; just make sure it is fully fenced in. At her age you should be socializing her as much as you can with dogs and people anyway and the dog park is a great place to do that. I would also go talk her for a run or walk on top of that, anything is better than nothing. Lacy runs 5 miles a day and still has energy to burn at night. Have you considered a treadmill?

Also, mentally challenge her, 15 to 20 minutes of basic obedience training a day can go a long way. At 6 months, I'm sure she could use it. I would also consider enrolling in a basic puppy obedience course if you haven’t already.

Is this your first Husky? When you don’t properly exercise Sibes they will become bored and destructive, especially in a small apartment.

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Barked: Sun May 9, '10 7:05am PST 
Hi Layla, early morning and evening are your friends during the hot part of the year. If you can go bike riding, it is a good way to exercise a husky. I love it so much that I dance and talk when I see my harness.

Think outside the box for exercise. Do you have tennis courts in your complex, when not in use they make a good exercise yard. I have known people to teach their dogs to run in a circle on a lunge line, like a horse for running fun is a small area. A flirt pole and long line can be fun.

Some training will take care of the pulling problem and a few short rides in the backseat without a seat belt would probably be the lesser of two evils if the other is no exercise. (Not everyone uses crates or dog seat belts)

Look for "Don't Shoot the Dog!: The New Art of Teaching and Training" or "Getting Started: Clicker Training for Dogs" by Karen Pryer. Clicker training/positive training methods work well with us Huskies. The trick is finding a reinforcement that we like. I will only work for string cheese cut into small pieces or pepperoni. It also helps if we train before dinner when I am a little hungry.

It sounds like Layla has very little training at this point, but she will pick it up fast and be a different dog soon.

Keep us posted, my person is so looking forward to hearing about your triumphs. She loves puppies.

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Barked: Sun May 9, '10 9:05am PST 
Austin is a great city - my Mum used to live in Dallas before moving to TN! What about looking into a doggie day care that offers agility type training? In addition to the obedience type of training - this is great in terms of exercising. There is also something - we saw this at a dog show - a "lure course" - it was totally fenced in, and the the dogs running it were just going crazy! Maybe see if there are any members of the Siberian Husky Club in your area that may be helpful with finding some of these activities or "playmates" for Layla. Also - I understand you are trying to get your own business up & running so some of these type contacts may work our for you in that regard! Somewhere is your area there has to be a husky/dog-lover with a fenced yard & a pool! So you & Layla both win!! Also - most of the Husky Heaven group are on Face Book, so more networking resources there!

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Have you tried the Easy Walk dog harness? We use that one on Lola because she can pull very hard. The leash attaches to the front and if Layla pulls, it will turn her around so she's facing you and thus stop pulling.

When I lived in an apartment with my husky, he was happy walking around the parking lot. It also help keep his nails short. If it is warm outside, try to be conscious of Layla's breathing (panting too much). It's a good sign she's too hot.

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Barked: Sun May 9, '10 7:27pm PST 
Hey all,

There's pretty much no way for me to get her to the dog park without risking an accident in the car. Layla goes crazy in the car and is a huge distraction. I took her for a few laps around the complex this morning and that seemed to tire her out a bit. But it's not enough. I'm not sure what I can do.

I don't have any tennis courts in my apartment complex, so that great idea isn't going to work. Daycare is an option, but it's expensive. I need something consistent that I can do on a daily basis with her. I've been playing with her somewhat in the apartment and she has been good. She's actually gotten much more manageable than the last time I spent a significant amount of time with her. She doesn't mouth nearly as much anymore either. Just chews like crazy on her toys.

I think I'm just going to have to jog her around the apartment complex morning and evening daily to ensure she's getting some exercise.

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Barked: Sun May 9, '10 8:47pm PST 
Jogging is good, good for you too. If she will go in a crate, you could try that for the car or a dog seat belt to restrain her.

You will be surprised at how mellow a husky can get with a lot of love and attention.

You could try a flirt pole, (a toy on a piece of rope tied to a pole that you can swish around for chasing fun) and a long line. (BOL, think giant cat toy)

If biking is an option, a little training with the bike, a bike attachment, and a harness is really fun and good for both of you. Check out my page, there is a picture of me with the bike. (we were going slow for the picture, I love,love, love to run with the bike)