How much should I be feeding my husky pup?

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Harlow Jean

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Barked: Thu Apr 23, '09 5:30pm PST 
I looked through posts in the main forums but could only find a formula for how many calories a full grown dog needs each day. Does anyone know how to calculate or estimate for growing puppies? Harlow is 4 months old and has finally found success eating Solid Gold Wolf Cub. It says to feed her 4 cups a day, but that seems like so much! Any help or ideas is greatly appreciated!!!

the Alaberian- Malamusky
Barked: Fri Apr 24, '09 2:10am PST 
I also feed Solid Gold Wolfcub to my now 5-month old large Siberian Husky cross (he's 50 pounds already!). He never eats more than two cups of kibble per day, plus 1-2 cups of canned Wellness puppy food mixed in. He gets plenty of exercise and is an active dog, but he doesn't need nearly the amount suggested. The guidelines on the packaging for all brands are much too much for most dogs. Of course they want you to feed as much as possible! lol. I have found for most Nordic breeds that I've had (Malamutes, Sibes, hybrids), basically free feeding works just fine (leaving a full bowl and letting them eat when then want). However, if your dog cleans out the bowl every time you fill it, you'll need a different strategy. I recommend two-three small meals a day, start with about half-3/4 of the "recommended" amount, and see how it goes.

I am the Duke- Nukem!
Barked: Fri Apr 24, '09 7:35am PST 
What MY vet suggested as a general rule of thumb, a dog weighing 1kg its calorie intake should be 140 calories. Example if your dog weighs 6.5kg's then its calorie intake should be around 900 calories per day. Dog foods normally state the calorie amount per kg/cup. So if your food states 450 calories PER CUP, and your dog needs 900 calories then your serving would be a total of 2 cups a day. From there you can divide those cups up to feed 2 or 3 times a day!

However, if your dog is a working dog my vet suggest adding 25% more calories due to the dog burning off its calories consistantly. Since my dog hasn't had all his shots yet he hasn't been able to run with me (i am an avid runner). Once he starts running with me I'll add more calories into his diet since he'll be running miles with me on a consistant basis.

Hope I helped!
Duke & Jeff

Harlow Jean

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Barked: Fri Apr 24, '09 10:22am PST 
I just found an awesome site that estimates the calories needed for pups & dogs! Whoohoo! Thanks for your help guys. According to the chart on the site below Harlow should be eating around 3 cups a day, NOT 4 1/3!!! No wonder she was poopin so much red face haha An extra cup is a whole lot extra for a 30lb pup! We do run/walk between 3-6 miles a day, but I give her lots of sweet potato treats too to help with her tummy! Thanks again!


big kitteh
Barked: Sat Apr 25, '09 11:39pm PST 
Yeah, I was going to say Cyrus goes through about 2 1/2 to 3 cups a day, and sometimes doesn't even have the appetite for that (though he seems to be supplementing his diet with leaves from our yard...) party

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I have a 3 month old huskey and I was advised to feed her two to three times a day. And I feed her about 2.5 cups of food a day, usually a mix of dry and wet food. She has a sensitive stomach so she is eating prescription wet and dry food. Vet said to go with either one that I would consistently feed her. She doesn't get any treats right now, but gets the occasional table scrap if I'm feeling generous.

I honestly think she could and would eat more. She eats everything in her bowl in under a minute. Although I said the vet suggested we get her on a schedule of 2-3 times a day, I'm feeding her 4 times a day. Since she is so ravenous and has such a sensitive stomach, I wanted to give her smaller portions and give her a chance to digest the food.

Anyway, she is very hungry even after she finishes her dish, she still wants more. And since she can finish it in under a minute, she is always done before I finish my meal. Which leaves her begging for food at the table. My question is, how much can I feed her without it being too much? I don't want to over feed her, but I worry that she is growing and I don't want to deny her food if she is really hungry. When I put my meal/leftovers/dishes away, she is able to calm down and no longer beg for food. So I'm not sure if she is getting enough or not. Thoughts from anyone who has had a siberian huskey puppy?

Harry Potter- Puppy (31/7)
Barked: Sat Dec 7, '13 5:13pm PST 
Mines has 2.5 cups of puppy kibble a day, it's actually surprising to most, but you don't need to feed huskies too much or even use the large breed food. A lot of people overfeed their husky as they look at the size and not the weight of the dog.