Your Huskies weight and Age?

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come on! lets- go!
Barked: Wed May 6, '09 1:50pm PST 
gravy is 2 years old and 44lbs cheer
Lady Branwen

"I'm too- Beautiful For- Myself"
Barked: Sat May 9, '09 11:20pm PST 
Hi! I'm around 8yrs. and i weigh 68pds.

Dude .Where's- Branwen?
Barked: Sat May 9, '09 11:21pm PST 
I'm 4 and i weigh 72 pds.

Bella Illari- Lucca

The heartbeat at- mommies feet
Barked: Tue May 12, '09 1:04pm PST 
Bella is 7 months and she weighs in at 19kg (42ponds). I was amazed today when I weighed her. She is growing very fast.

Barked: Fri Jun 12, '09 11:45am PST 
Hi, we're pretty new here. Yuma is 36lbs at almost 5 months, which I think is pretty normal for a male, but we always get the "OMG, your puppy is going to be HUGE!" comment. I think huskies must grow faster than other breeds, especially large breeds, and that's why people get a bit confused. I do wonder how big he will be, though. He comes from a show home with both parents as show dogs, so he shouldn't go oversize----I'm just hoping he is hitting the growth spurt early...
Misty *RIP- Mommy's- Angel*

Is that food for- me???
Barked: Fri Jun 12, '09 2:20pm PST 
Hi, we are new here as well.
Misty is around 3, and weighs 53 lbs. Nice to meet you all wave

Barked: Mon Jun 22, '09 8:59am PST 
Hi! My Luna will be 6 months soon ( 2nd of may) and weights 38 lbs smile

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Barked: Tue Jun 23, '09 8:08am PST 
I mean 2nd of July I will be 6 monthsblue dog

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aka garbage- disposal
Barked: Tue Jun 23, '09 8:46pm PST 
My huskey is 1 year and 2 months and she weighs 17.5kg. I have been told she is small for a huskey and most people confuse her for a puppy. I saw a huskey some weeks ago and she was 6 months old and twice Maya's size. I know that Maya wasn't looked after properly when she was a puppy and was only fed once a day most of the time. Does anyone know if this would contribute to her small size? She is always after food though and sometimes I worry that maybe I am not feeding her enough, but I am feeding her based on the amount recommended for 20kg dogs, which based on her height I think she would be. Does anyone know if a 1 year 2month dog still growing physically? Should i be feeding her as a puppy or an adult dog? Thanks
Kiona CGC

The Prettiest- Princess

Barked: Tue Jun 23, '09 9:55pm PST 
Maya, Siberian females are supposed to be 35 - 50 lbs (15-22kgs). Your girl sounds just right!

Kiona was 38lbs for a long time - she creeped up to 40 around 3-4 years old, and has been about 45 for the last few years. But Maya sounds perfectly normal, I would not worry about a thing.
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