Female vs. Male Siberians

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Barked: Mon Sep 3, '07 9:14pm PST 
Hello, I very recently (as in wait to pick up) adopted a female siberian husky, hence miss lexie here.... I have done my research but was wanted some insight from you people here about female vs. male sib traits... thanks

Barked: Tue Sep 4, '07 1:41pm PST 
Well I was told by our breeder that females tend to be jealous...like if you are a couple living together. The female would not care for you too much if you were female. The female is also going to be more willing to let you be the boss and show them what to do. She also said that males are very playful and crave lots of attention and energy. They are going to be more dominant than the females. They both love mud and puddles, and you have to watch their every move. If a husky gets loose, good luck catching them...you are going to need to get in the car and "bribe" them. They can also scale or jump over 6 foot or even higher fence, so just keep an eye on them. All of this also depends on each dogs personality...they are like people and each one is different.

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Barked: Thu Sep 6, '07 3:21am PST 
i have a female and male husky and they are both great dogs, but honstely my boy is my sooky baby and is very gentle but boisterous, my female is actually quite agressive at times. i think it all comes down to where they came from (she was a rescue dog and our boy spirit was purchased by us from a breeder at 8weeks and has grown up with us), how u bring them up and teaching them who' s boss in the family.

Lady Branwen

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Barked: Thu Sep 6, '07 8:20pm PST 
HI SPIRIT ! We got our male at 8 wks. Very easy going.We adopted our female from a rescue.She is 6yrs. old.She is the boss.She is very sweet to the humans. Same as at your house Spirit.wave

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Barked: Tue Oct 9, '07 4:37pm PST 
My Mom & Dad has both male & female. Dad & Mom picked me up from a couple that wanted to get rid of me at the age of 6 month because I grew up fast. I was shy until now, I am very lovable and love to play. We recently got Chica from a breader at the age of 6 months, she on the other hand is very skittish and doesn't like to be touched. She follows mom which means she consider mom as an alpha. Chica barks at mom & dad when they play with me. She just needs to be loved and will come around but I don't think she will be as lovable as me because how she was raised, her old mom kept sheltered from people.
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Barked: Tue Oct 9, '07 7:10pm PST 
I am almost 7 yrs and a female. I've lived with my mommy since I was 6 weeks old and I am very protective of her around other dogs. My little brother Marley is only 3 months, so he's all-over the place. Very friendly to everyone!!! I think he will stay that way, I on the other hand, am kinda shy. Not mean, just indifferent I guess.
Sadie,- GBeAD-C1

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Barked: Fri Oct 12, '07 2:21pm PST 
Congrats on the new Husky! wishes

I personally think it all depends on your DOG. Not the gender. Your dog may not like other females, (or males.) Or she may like both! I hope Lexi gets along well with her new furry friend. big grin
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Barked: Wed Oct 24, '07 7:18am PST 
I have to agree with Sadie ... it is more about the dog then the gender of the dog. I am male and very shy and probably considered quite calm for a husky.

Barked: Tue Nov 13, '07 7:38am PST 
My female 2 year old husky is defiantly the boss. She isn't aggressive at all with humans and she has her playful moments but she is very reserved and quiet. She isn't shy at all. She tends to be on the alert side around other dogs and sometimes can be a little growly but it is controllable. I haven't had a male sibe so I can't really compare.

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Barked: Tue Nov 20, '07 7:00pm PST 
All dogs are unique.. BUT the tendency we have noticed is:

Females: a bit more difficult and stubborn, more independent, tend to be smarter, bossier, can be tougher with the same sex.

Males: goofy, followers, tend to get along with both males and females, happy to just eat and sleep and gets some pets.

But there are exceptions to every rule.. but this is just a trend we have noticed over the years.
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