smelly and scratching

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My Shih Tzu is 12 and she has been dealing with allergies. After many times to the vet and not finding a solution to help her I am writing to someone out there that had the same problem.
The vet said that giving her fish and potatoes (we eat only fish) and stick to that diet will help. After about 5 weeks she is not getting better. She smells terribly now and she is scratching her bottom. Her beautiful tail has no hair on the back.
Can somebody help me, please? Thank you!

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I had a shih tzu, Murphy, who had that same problem for a few years. Itchy, smelly (especially in ears)and red irritated (almost sticky-like) under the arm pits. I took excellent care of him and had him to the vet many times. She gave me oatmeal soap, allergy meds and antibiotics..saying that it is the breed. I changed vets and she changed everything. I had to bathe my dog daily in Selsun Blue shampoo followed by another shampoo called Nizerol(which I heard is not longer on the market, but I am sure there is something out there that is the equivalent) for 2 weeks and then just once every 2 weeks. He NEVER scratched or smelled again! I have told so many people about this and it has worked on all breeds. When I took Murphy to the groomer, I brought along the shampoos. I hope this helps. I just bought 2 new puppies after losing Murphy 2 years ago and will do the same for them if this should happen again.