Help, my shiba is driving me crazy!!

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Barked: Wed May 7, '14 1:31pm PST 
My husband and I adopted an 8 week Shiba Inu (neutered), and although he has had his obnoxious moments during early puppyhood, he has turned out to be a very good boy. He is now 8 months, and we moved from Florida to Utah. He was great during the 57 hour drive out here and he settled in nicely during the first week.

Now we are entering week 3 of living here and he is a nightmare to deal with.

He chews EVERYTHING. Books, paper, the coffee table, anything he can get his teeth into. He continues to whine and whine. When I take him out, half the time he just stands around doing nothing. So after a while I'll ignore his whining and he'll go on the carpet.

We bought him new toys and rawhide bones to chew, I take him on half an hour walks every day, I leave him out of the crate most of the day while I am home with him, and no improvement. Is this an early adolescence thing or is he failing to adjust to the move?