Spay Surgery Complete; however, she's acting strange.

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My 6 month old female shiba went in for her spay surgery yesterday morning and I picked her up later that evening. The doctor said she did great; however, stated that she is a drama queen and acted like she was dieing. The doctor stated that she was on a 24 hour pain medication shot and to start her pain medication the next morning. Since we've been home with her, she refuses to lay down. She will just constantly stand up and almost fall over while falling asleep. She will make an attempt to lay down for about 10 seconds and then get back up. We feel horrible for her and just want her to lay down and relax. She also has the cone of shame on which isn't helping because we all know how shiba's are and how they love to clean themselves which she can't do. Has anyone else ever experienced this? Suggestions?

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