New Shiba Puppy

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My name is Eugene and I got an 8 week old puppy yesterday. I have been trying to get him to pee and poo outside but instead of focusing on going, he likes to eat the deicing salt. I'm afraid to take him out because I do not know if he is sniffing or eating the salt. While indoors I've put up pee pads but he goes everywhere possible except the pads. Please any help will be much appreciated

He also has a very tough time adjusting to the leash and collar. I would put it on and he would just lay and play with the collar. Any suggestions?

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I found using puppy pads were disasterous to trying to potty train my dog. The key to training them is taking them outside often. Shibas don't generally like to go in their area, so you may want to restrict his play zone until he gets better with his potty habits to just one room or to an exercise pen. Also crate training will definitely help with potty issues. As for the ice stuff, be extra careful! I'd walk him in a spot that that stuff isn't at. A lot of it is harmful! Be consistent and reinforce good behavior. I lucked out with my shiba. Though she came from a breeder and was outside for the first 5 months of her life, she was fully potty trained. She knows the house is a no-no zone and will only go outside.