Shiba Inu/Wolf Hybrid?

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I currently hava a Shiba Inu and I am looking into getting an Akita here soon. I also want a wolf hybrid mix but don't want the enormous size that they generally are with the other breeds they mix with. I have been searching for a Shiba/Wolf mix breeder and can't find any right now but I have read stories of owners of this mix so I know it's out there. Does anyone have pictures or know of any breeders and how well this mix turns out? I have read A LOT into hybrids so please no posts about how hybrid mixes aren't for everyone and they take a lot of experience, etc etc... Thank you for everyone's help

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Never heard of them... My shiba is enough "wild" for me lol

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Both of mine have a high prey drive which also makes for excitement.. to mix that with a wolf? no thank you for me. hail


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To my knowledge there are no breeders of Shiba/Wolf mixes. To most it would not be considered an ideal mix and to some would even be offended by the thought (pretty much if you want a wolfdog, you are going to get the whole wolfdog package, that's the whole point).

If you are looking for a smaller wolfdog cross, looking into a low-mid content wolfdog mixed with Husky is your best bet as most husky/wolf crosses that are of lower wolf content generally run more husky size then wolf size.

I can pretty much guarantee that any breeder you stumble across that has "mini hybrids" or is claiming similar lineage (such as with Shiba, Klee Kai or another small sptiz/northern breed)- there is NO recent wolf heritage in those animals. It's yet another way for them to get around misrepresenting their animals and get even more money for their "wolfy" looking dogs.


Best of luck in your woofer dog search. If you are serious about getting a wolfdog, feel free to shoot me a PM.

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Like I've said on shiba forum no good shiba breeder would be breeding a shiba inu with a wolf..

Shiba inu are small breed compared to wolf dogs and I'd think it wouldn't be right to breed such a dog together.

Shiba inu are normally 15lb to 25lbs or so. Saya is 20lbs.

My same feelings for that one kennel that had tamaskan/shiba mixing.. poor female was the shiba! frown The breeder is horrible to shiba and tamaskans..

Be sure to do a lot of research as there are many bad wolf dog breeders and some are selling plain husky or husky mix..

Be sure to do your research on containment you thought shiba are escape artist wolf dogs can be better with it..

Be sure to check wild life laws and all that.

I'm not into mini of any breeds sad shiba inu are falling under this mame shiba yuck.

I don't think I'd like a mini wolf dog..

Husky wolf dog mix would be decent size.. I met a mid content that was about husky size maybe bit bigger I didn't have husky nearby to compare. big laugh

Again why do you want a smaller wolf dog?
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yes there are no current breeders of wolf dgos with shiba inu ( one tried with the tamaskan)

if you are wanting a wolf dog, ask wilburs mom, shell get you to the right place.

otherwise i would just get the akita or even a husky