Bringing home my first Shiba...

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Barked: Mon Sep 17, '12 9:07am PST 
Hey everyone - I'm a new Shiba owner. I purchased our pup yesterday (just hit 7 weeks old) and will be bringing him home this Friday. It is just my girlfriend and myself in our apartement. We have owned dogs all of our lives, but not the Shiba, which we settled upon after reading up on multiple breeds. I read over quite a few forum threads and wanted to inquire as to what your suggestions are for crate size, training procedures, food, and or general tips / tricks for our first family dog, Bamboo.

A couple questions are urgent before we finally bring the dog home:

1) X-Pen or Crate?
2) Should we start basic training now or wait until he has mastered the potty?
3) Any specific toys to focus upon?
4) Brush recommendations?
5) Any other "things we may have forgotten" for our new pup?

Thanks in advance for all of your help!! It is greatly appreciated smile

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Barked: Tue Sep 18, '12 10:50pm PST 
1) X-Pen or Crate?
Can do both start out in crate and once he's better not pottying he can have more freedom in x pen..

2) Should we start basic training now or wait until he has mastered the potty?
I taught Bella my mom's boxer sit day she came home.. Well she didn't learn it right away, but she got the basics of it.

I worked in couple small sessions with her on it.

3) Any specific toys to focus upon?
Chew items, tug toys dogs have fleece tug and the normal type of tug. Saya loves stuffed toys. I got loofa dog because it's cute. Bella tugged the loofa and tore it up.

Saya loves bully sticks.

4) Brush recommendations?
For now a kong zoom groom is good won't need brush till an adult blowing coat.

I like kong zoom groom easy on the pup and gets fur out when they loose puppy coat.

5) Any other "things we may have forgotten" for our new pup?
ID tags, pee remover I use nature's miracle works good.

Bitter apple type spray in case pup chews stuff.

This is a good book to read.
http://www.amazon.com/Before-After-Getting-Your-Puppy/dp/1577 314557/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1329537627&sr=1-1

I forgot Saya's crate size so need check tomorrow..

here's is pretty big which is nice so she has room, but she probably been fine with crate size smaller.

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Barked: Fri Sep 21, '12 1:46pm PST 
Hi Bamboo, welcome to the Forum. I've bumped an excellent thread for you to read thru, if you have not already, entitled "Shiba Owners Recommendations". It is an excellent resource. The book Saya recommended is excellent as well. To answer your specific questions:

1. You really should have both an x-pen and a crate. Midwest Life Stages makes an excellent crate that has a movable divider to make the crate bigger as the puppy grows. I use the 24 x 30 for an adult dog.
2. Training should begin shortly after the puppy has come home and has adjusted to his new surroundings. Keep training sessions very short and fun, though, and don't expect him to "get" everything right away. Use positive reinforcement only and make it fun - like a game - and always end on a positive note.
3. Toys -- get the strongest most indestructable toys you can afford. Anything else will be shredded (and possible swallowed) in no time - like minutes. Stay away from anything with buttons, dangling strings, soft stuffing that puppy can ingest. If a toy becomes shredded dispose of it immediately. Kongs are good. Rope toys are good. You need to focus on chewing toys -- as your little Shiba has teeth like pihranna and he will use them on you and everything else if you don't give him something appropriate to chew on.
4. You will have far more important things to worry about than a brush at this point, but later you will need a good slicker brush.
5. Since I don't know what you've already purchased, I can't be of too much help without listing tons of things you may already have. You will definitely need natures miracle until the pup is potty trained.

My most important piece of advice would be to get everything up off the floor that you don't want destroyed, plan on getting zero sleep for the next few weeks at minimum, remember the crate is your friend -- use it and make it a safe, fun place for puppy. Let us know if there is anything else specific you have questions about that you can't find elsewhere. Good Luck!

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Our Shiba, Milton, will turn 2 nxt wk and we got him at about 9 wks. We used a crate for night time and used baby gates in the house. First he stayed in our kitchen, then we increased the area as he grew. Now he has the whole house to roam, but I still use the baby gates when no one is home. Plus no more crate, only his doggie bed in our living room. We enrolled in a "puppy 101" class at about 4 mos. He really likes the "stuff less toys" and "puzzle/treat balls" are a must! They love a challenge when it comes to treats!