Should i spay my shiba female puppy?

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Barked: Wed Aug 25, '10 9:53pm PST 
Hello everybody!
Im sorry if this is a stupid question, but is it absolutely necessary to have her spayed? and when is the best time? THANKS!
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Barked: Thu Aug 26, '10 6:09am PST 
Well - how responsible can you be with her reproductive activity?

Can you ensure that she will never be around an intact male dog while she's in heat (meaning, the weeks prior to and after the estrous cycle)?

Can you be sure she will never get away from you to roam?

Can you be diligent with her health? Certain things spayed females are except from are ovary/uterus issues like pyometra, etc.

If you can be honest with yourself and answer the above questions "yes", then I think she has every right to remain intact.
I hear this all. the. time. "if you aren't showing your dog, then spay her". Bunk!
Hormones provided only through the reproductive organs are a necessity to their health, growth, and social maturity. Its why I strive to keep most of my dogs intact until at least 8months - 2years where appropriate for the dog. Even rescues - they should be allowed to mature as well as the next dog.

Its the responsibility of the human that is always in error when it comes to a dog's reproductive status and the decisions therein.

Be honest with yourself, talk to your vet (or trusted dog health professional) and make an informed decision.

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Barked: Thu Aug 26, '10 6:16am PST 
I'd spay her if she is just going to be a pet. That way it prevents any oops breeding.

Saya got spayed at 6months.


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Barked: Thu Aug 26, '10 6:31am PST 
My vet told me that spaying Bella before her first heat cycle would drastically reduce her risk of getting mammary/uterine cancer and urinary tract infections. I had her spayed at 6.5 months.

I think the health benefits plus the fact that my husband and I live in an area with several unaltered male dogs helped us make our decision to spay. Bella loves playing in our backyard, and I'm sure a male dog could jump/climb the 6 foot chain link fence if motivated enough... Plus, Bella loves being out and social and it would make me sad to have to keep her confined during her cycle...

It's really an owner's decision though. There are definitely pros and cons to both.

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Barked: Thu Aug 26, '10 8:21am PST 
I'd have her spayed. There are health benefits definitely to having her spayed. Plus, you wouldn't have to worry about intact male dogs trying to get to your shiba. Leaving her intact would require diligence on your part. I've even heard instances of reputable breeders having whoops litters. If a male dog wants to get at your intact female when she is in heat he will try everything in his power to do so. If you are keeping her as a pet and not going to show her I don't see why you shouldn't spay. At or a little before 6 months is a good time to spay - before she goes into her first heat.

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Barked: Thu Aug 26, '10 9:46am PST 
thank you guys alot for all the advice.

we have to think about this for a while, good thing we have time. Guess ill also use this time to check out her personality? if shes really calm for a shiba, maybe thats one reason less to do it. Is it true that she will become somewhat easier to train, etc?

I had a problem with a whoops litter with the beagle i had many years ago. haha. Her "husband"was the ugliest dog ive ever seen but her puppies still became beautiful dogs cause she was so pretty, many stayed around with relatives of mine.

But at the same time i keep thinking that i can keep an eye on her all the time, cause when i had the beagle i was just a kid...
i dont know, got to meditate on this.

Thanks for the great advice! shiba parents are as cool as shibas, almost

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Barked: Thu Aug 26, '10 10:07am PST 
Hi Lola,

Saf is just recovering from her 2 surgeries to get rid of mammary tumors. She also had to be spayed at the same time. This is not easy for a 12 year old dog. Much easier to do when they can heal quickly.

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Barked: Thu Aug 26, '10 11:59am PST 
I think that there's an increased risk of breast tumors/cancer in them if you don't have them spayed... Can anyone else verify that?

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I would highly recommend getting her spayed. For one thing, being in heat is a terrible mess! Nakita went into heat the night before her scheduled spay surgery and we had to wait - wait a mess and inconvenience! Also, we were told that while in heat she should be kept indoors to keep her from jumping or digging out to go mate AND to prevent male dogs from jumping our fence to mate with her - apparently they can smell the phermones or something.

Also, it is SO true about decreasing the likelihood of a handful of problems from uterine cancer to mammary cancer.

You said you would wait to see what kind of personality your pup will have - maybe if she is calm you would not need to do it. Your determination of your pup's personality before 1 year is limited by her puppyhood in general. Nakita was the most rambunctious pup but has become so very calm. However, the Shiba up the street was incredibly docile as a pup and is now a trouble maker. You just never know.

Unless you are a breeder, I would 100% recommend getting her spayed.