stop chewing door frame

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Barked: Tue Jan 26, '10 8:15pm PST 
Hi everyone,

I found this forum a few weeks ago and read through many great threads! My favorite is the Shiba Owner Reccomendation.

Anyways, I'm seeking some specific advice on how to stop my 3 month old puppy from chewing on a door frame. I bought this bitter spray stuff, but he still manages to bite it after it wears off.

Any advice would be highly apprecieated! smile

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Barked: Tue Jan 26, '10 8:20pm PST 
Keep reapplying and even try using hot sauce if necessary!

Also, redirect him to an appropriate chew toy and praise him when he chews the right thing and ignore or calmly place him in his crate or xpen for some chill out alone time (NOT punishment) when he chews on the frame. He will learn that chewing on the frame will result in a spicy sensation and/or all fun and socializing will stop when he does chew on something not allowed.

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Barked: Tue Jan 26, '10 9:10pm PST 
First I want to say Haru you are adorable!!!!! OMD that face is too much!

As far as the chewing, Ginger did something very similar at his age. For her it was licking the side of a wall down to the metal edge. We used bitter apple and over time she did go after it. Then we did the toy and praise with treat to keep her away and to learn the toy was a better reward then the wall.

There were times I had to use a spray bottle with water in it when she was aloof and wouldnt listen or go after a toy. This worked very well, after she got away from the door we gave her the toy, she would grab it, play then I would give a treat. Eventually she stopped.

I hope this helps, good luck and be ready for so much more from the little devil. Ginger really tested my nerves more then once and she still does. But now she is at that age where she is getting better and only wants to be loved and cuddled.

I for one am very happy to get a Shiba, even after all the nightmares ive been thru with her so far. Good luck!


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Barked: Tue Jan 26, '10 9:12pm PST 
Is he chewing on the frame when nobody is home? If so, have you thought about crating him or putting up a baby gate somewhere where he won't have access to the door frame? Also, do you have things for him to chew on such as a frozen KONG with treats inside? If you catch him chewing on the door frame redirect him to something like a toy that he is allowed to chew on. He is teething now so be sure he has plenty of toys to chew on. Another good item for him to chew on while you are there to supervise is to take a washcloth and wet it then ring it out just a little and freeze it. That is great for soothing his teething pains.

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Barked: Wed Jan 27, '10 2:55pm PST 
we are in this phase with vixen right now...tank was so easy with the chewing/teething...he liked to only chew on his toys. it only took once of twice of redirecting/praising him for him to grasp the concept. vixen on the other hand...she's been a little more stubborn about it. we've been using the bitter spray, but i'm about to bring out the big guns: hot sauce and chili powder! in my opinion these work better than the bitter spray since they dont fade as easily.

drama KING!
Barked: Wed Jan 27, '10 7:35pm PST 
Thanks for the tips!

I guess he's still a puppy so he's still learning what he can chew and what not to chew.